Word Power

by Manisha Bansal

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  • 42 Papers of English Language
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Neon word power isn’t simply a book it’s a boon for all those who are aspiring for government jobs but have very little exposure to the English language. The memorizing of words can be very difficult, monotonous, and frustrating but once you go through this book you will learn thousands of words easily for exams but good. The book is based on the root word concept and teaches you how to dissect a word in parts, seize its root and relate it to the real meaning of the word. With the help of this word dissection technique, you will be able to relate the meaning of the word with its spelling, not just cramming it without knowing why the word has a particular meaning. The grammar and comprehension parts of the paper also sound easy if you have a sound vocabulary. You will find thousands  of root words and thorough Lisl of thousands of their derivatives with a proper dissection of every word so you can pick the root word hidden inside it and cling to this meaning 
The book contains 16 practice sets with solutions and detailed explanations. Each word is meticulously explained in English as well as Hindi grab your copy and enter the domain of English vocabulary. You are going to enjoy studying this book. 
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