JUMBLED PQRS (Paragraphs Sentences)

by Manisha Bansal

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What is Para–jumbled paragraphs & sentences?

Para-jumbled paragraph is a pivotal topic of English section in various competitive examinations.   

Para-jumble paragraph represents a paragraph where the sentences are arranged in an incoherent way. It is considered one of the trickiest parts of English comprehension. In Para-jumbled a candidate is expected to arrange these sentences in a proper way to make a coherent paragraph.

 Importance of Para-jumbled:

Para-jumble PQRS is an essential topic of government examinations like SSC CGL, CHSL, CPO and BANK PO. It is an important topic of English comprehension. An aspirant who is good in comprehension part has high chances of qualifying the exams. Golden steps propounded by Manisha Bansal Ma’am are more than sufficient to solve every Para-jumbled.

 About Neon Jumbled Paragraphs & Sentences book:

‘Neon-Jumbled PQRS’ is a savior, a godsend gift for all the students who are aspiring for IBPS/SSC/Railways/CDS/CPO and other competitive exams. Once you read this miraculous book by Manisha Bansal Ma’am who wrote this book after years of hard work and constant studies of exam paper. This book will provide you detailed analysis of hundreds of such questions that asked in Previous year’s exams. In this book you will find thousands of questions, that have been taken from previous years papers of SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, CDS, CPO and bank PO exam.

·         525+ previous year jumbled with detailed analysis

·         650+previous year jumbled practice sets


Why do you purchase this Neon Jumbled book:

The book not only helps you to arrange the Para-jumbled in meaningful manner, it also makes you identify the wrong ones and that’s really something that none other bothered to do.  So ensure that you have a copy of this invaluable book before you yourself venture in the realm of SSC, CPO and bank PO exam.

    When you complete this book you will notice the difference in your understanding and analysing power. In this book you will get more than 1000+ Para-jumbled including previous year practice sets. 525+ jumbled with detailed analysis and 650+ previous year jumbled sets for practice.


How to solve Para-jumbled PQRS:

 After a profound study of Neon-Jumbled PQRS book, you would be able to find out the ways of construction the parallel links, running in a paragraph or locations the collocations hidden in them. It is really amazing to find out that by just arranging the paragraph according to the chronological order of the happenings, you strike the right answer and the most fascinating nevertheless very aptly analysised way of Manisha ma’am is to solve a jumbled paragraph, merely with the help of punctuation marks. The only thing you have to do to excel at jumbled paragraph, is to grab your copy and start studying it .its magic!

 Tips to solve Jumble paragraphs and sentences:

To solve jumble paragraphs and sentence the most important factor –“to find links”.

First you need to read all the sentences carefully and try to locate the links. Structure, logical arguments, collocations, parallel construction and rules of grammar etc. concepts will help you to find the Links.

To locate the links you must know the following points:

1.       Start:

The sentence which starts the sequence is a stand alone sentence it means that sentence has a complete sense. Such sentence normally has a proper noun or common noun because opening statement introduces a person, place, institute, organization or concept in Para-jumble.

Example:   Tagore was a poet before everything else 

2.       Follow:

Generally a subject comes first in a sentence then subject is followed by verb. First identify the subject then verb will come according to the subject.

Also pronoun, relative pronoun, article, collocations will also help you to find correct sequence of sentence.

3.       Common factor:

        A word or phrase which is common in sentences is called common factor. The sentences which have common factors are adjoining because the introduction of the common factor is given in first sentence and the related supportive arguments are given in second sentence.

4.       chronological order:

To arrange the events in chronological link that makes a logical sequence is called chronological order.

 Example of Para-jumble:

Let us take an example and understand how to solve a Para-jumble:  

1.       Some animals like fishes lay eggs and leave them.

P.      the mother does not care for eggs at all.

Q.     they lay thousands of eggs at a time but do not look after them.

R.      most of the eggs die and only a few of them develop into fishes.

S.      she simply leaves the eggs and never comes back to them.

6.      Is this not something terrible? Yet, it is a fact.


In (1) lay eggs is given and in (Q) lay thousands of eggs is given hence lay eggs is common factor in (1) and (Q). In (1) some animals is subject and for this pronoun ‘They’ is used in (Q) hence sequence will start with Q.

 In (p) ‘the eggs’ is come that defines ‘lay eggs’ also In (p) subject is ‘the mother’. For this subject pronoun She is given in (S). Hence (S) will come after (P).

According to the Chronological order:

1 fishes lay eggs…..(1)

2 they lay …..eggs

 But not look after them ………(Q)

3 Mother does not care…

(not look after and does not care both phases show parallel argument) ….(P)

4 she never come back……(S)

5 most of the eggs die…..(R)

Hence correct sequence is QPSR.

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