Triangle Inequalities , No. of Triangle if perimeter is given for SSC,CAT,CDS Part #5

Triangle Inequalities , No. of Triangle if perimeter is given for SSC,CAT,CDS Part #5

Every student preparing for compitative exams like SSC, CAT, CDS, CPO, XAT etc.

Knows the Basic rules of triangle inequallities that are:-

1. Sum of two sides of a triangle is always greater than the third side a+b is greater than c

2. Difference of two sides of a triangle is always less than the third side a-b is less than c

But here in this video RAJA SIR is discussing three advance level formulas that will help you immensely in solving questions in which perimeter of a triangle is given and number of triangles than can be formed is asked.

Those three formulas are as follows-

1. a+b is greater than p/2

2. a is less than p/2

3.c is less than or equal to p/3

a is the greatest side

c is the smallest side

P= the perimeter

Many of you might solve these types of questions using trial and error approach which takes more than a minute and does not even guarantee the right answer but using the concept discussed by RAJA SIR in this video you will be able to solve such questions in just a few seconds with 100% accuracy.

To help you understand the concepts better, RAJA SIR is solving 10 questions asked in previous exams of SSC and one question of CAT 2000 and some more questions that can be asked in upcoming examinations.

You all might wonder why sir is discussing CAT level concepts even when this level of questions is not asked in SSC examinations but you all must have seen the level of questions asked in SSC CGL mains 2017 where most of the questions were asked that were of CAT level so RAJA SIR is preparing you all for the most difficult level of the questions so that you can secure maximum score in quantitative aptitude section.

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