Top 5 SSC CGL Study Tips - Set Study Goals

Top 5 SSC CGL Study Tips - Set Study Goals

The biggest challenge that aspirants face during their preparation phase for SSC CGL Exam is “Maintaining Concentration during Studies”. Today we would be providing you with SSC CGL Study tips on How to Maintain Concentration While Studying?

Concentration is most important while studying, as without the right concentration levels you would not understand or remember anything that you have considered.

You would have come across people who say that they study for 12-14 hrs a day, but still do not clear the exam and on the other hand, you would find people who would study for 5-6 hrs a day and would clear the exam.

Tips 1 – Set Study Goals

Set your targets/goals to achieve from the study session beforehand like “How many chapters you would be completing?” “How many problems would you be solving?” Etc. It has been observed that, if there is a target in front of them, people tend work extra hard to achieve them, as the inherent competitive spirit kicks in, which motivates you to complete it efficiently to meet the set goals.

Tips 2 – Short breaks in between study sessions.

Our brain the source of our concentration. It is a Machine, the most complex machine in the world. Like any other machine, it needs to recharge to maintain its efficiency levels. Hence it is advised to take small 5-10 min breaks during your study sessions. Go for a small walk, listen to a song, talk to someone, etc. These breaks would recharge your mind and would help you maintain your focus and concentration levels for a longer period of time.

Tips 3 – Mental Concentration Exercise

You can practice following Mental concentration Exercises to improve your concentration

Keep track of your mental wanderings – Mark down every time you catch your mind drifting away from what you should be mind concentrating on study. As you get better and better with bringing yourself back to the present task, the number of times you break concentration should be less and less.

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Tips 4 – Be an Active and Curious Learner

Always keep a clean slate while you are studying, this would help you build interest in the topic you are learning. Study anything as you are learning it for the first time. Ask basic questions about the topic and try and find answers to those questions. Try and focus on the “Why” part of the topic, as in, if there is something, then why is it the way it is. This should make the process more fun.

Tips 5 – Effective Study Methods

Make your study process interesting by following effective study methods like making notes, creating mind maps of the topics you are studying, creating infographics, making diagrams, making abbreviations of important points of the topic to help you memorize it quickly. These study methods would surely go a long way in maintaining your concertation levels for a longer period of time.

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