SSC CHSL Tier-I 2019, 19.03.2020 Shift-1 with detailed Solutions

SSC CHSL Tier-I 2019, 19.03.2020 Shift-1 with detailed Solutions

SSC CHSL Tier-I 2019, 19.03.2020 Shift-1


        Direction (1-2) In the sentence identify the segment which contains the grammatical error.

1.    The invited guests preferred orange juice than hot coffee or chilled grapes.

        (a) The invited guests               (b) or chilled grapes

        (c) preferred orange juice       (d) than hot coffee

2.    Everyone are very well equipped with his own weapons.

        (a) Everyone are        (b) very well equipped

        (c) own weapons      (d) with his

        Direction (3-4) Select the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given sentence. If there is no need to substitute it, select ‘No improvement’.

3.   As many as I care for her, I still have to disagree with her on this topic.

        (a) As much as                              (b) No improvement

        (c) As high as                                 (d) As long to

4.    So much as you are their class teacher, you are responsible for their performance in the examination.

        (a) As long as                                 (b) In as much as

        (c) As much to                              (d) No improvement

        Direction(5-6) Select the most appropriate word to fill in the blank.

5.    There was a huge ______ in the stomach.

        (a) tuber                        (b) treasure            

        (c) tumour                                      (d) Tremor

6.    The ______ part of this issue is that the investigation officer himself turned out to be the culprit.

        (a) primary                                     (b) funniest

        (c) major                        (d) real

7.    Select the correct indirect form of the given sentence.

        The traveller inquired, "Will there be a shelter for strangers?”

        (a) The traveller inquired if would there be a shelter for strangers.

        (b) The traveller inquired if there will be a shelter for strangers.

        (c) The traveller inquired if there would be a shelter for strangers.

        (d) The traveller inquired whether will there be a shelter for strangers.

8.    Select the correct passive form of the given sentence.

        The coach received the members of the team with great excitement.

        (a) The members of the team had been received by the coach with great excitement.

        (b) The members of the team were received by the coach with great excitement.

        (c) The members of the team was received by the coach with great excitement.

        (d) The members of the team could be received by the coach with great excitement.

        Direction (9-10) Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom.

9.    Every cloud has a silver lining

        (a) Something disheartening is there in any happy situation

        (b) Something interesting is there in any colourful situation

        (c) Something irritating is there in any joyous situation

        (d) Something promising is there in any difficult situation

10. Made out of whole cloth

        (a) Entirely true and convincing

        (b) Entirely false though convincing

        (c) Entirely false and fabricated

        (d) Entirely fabricated though believable

        (Direction 11-12) Select the word which means the same as the group of words given.

11.                       Things which are of the same kind and of the same dimensions

        (a) Homophony         (b) Homonymous

        (c) Homogenous        (d) Homosexual

12. A song or music in praise of God

        (a) Elegy   (b) Epic    (c) Hymn    (d) Ode

        Direction (13-14) Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word.

Coordinating        (b) Balancing

        (c) Compromising    (d) Cooperating

(a) Opaque                                      (b) Ambiguous

        (c) Pragmatic                                (d) Querulous

        Direction (15-16) Select the most appropriate ANTONYM of the given word.

Fantastic                                  (b) Unmanageable

        (c) Feasible                                    (d) Unlikely


        (a) Immature                                (b) Planned

        (c) Informal                                    (d) Inspirational

        Direction (17-18) Select the wrongly spelt word.

17. (a) Combination        (b) Condonation

        (c) Navigetion                               (d) Molestation

18. (a) Simulation                               (b) Stylistics

        (c) Simultaneoues    (d) Synthetic

        Direction (19-20) Given below are four jumbled sentences. Out of the given options select the one that gives their correct order.

19. A. Anush was very afraid of stray dogs.

        B. Anush’s mother saw the dog chasing her son.

        C. One evening, when a street dog barked at him, Anush turned and started running.

        D. The dog ran after him barking loudly and fiercely.

        (a) ACDB   (b) ADBC (c) ABCD     (d) DCAB

20. A. Navin and Jathin gathered a group of young men and trained them in fighting.

        B. They wanted to build their own village where people could live without fear.

        C. They lived in a jungle hideout on the banks of a river in the village.
D. Navin and Jathin were brothers and brave fighters.

        (a) DBCA   (b) DBAC (c) DCAB     (d) DCBA         

        Direction (21-25) - In the following passage some words have been deleted. Fill in the blanks with the help of the
alternatives given. Select the most appropriate option for each blank.
Families, particularly those with children and who have the means, are opting to (21)______ from Delhi driven by the increasing air pollution and (22)______ impact on health. Delhi’s Air Quality Index had (23)______ a three-year-low this year, post-Diwali, creating a (24)______ polluted atmosphere which led to (25)______ problems in many, forcing people to wear masks outdoors and install air purifiers at home.

21. Select the most appropriate option for blank No. 1.

        (a) restart                                       (b) relocate

        (c) reschedule             (d) Reinstate

22. Select the most appropriate option for blank No. 2.

        (a) it’s                              (b) their

        (c) its                               (d) their’s

23. Select the most appropriate option for blank No. 3.

        (a) hit                              (b) produced

        (c) leaped                      (d) Bagged

24. Select the most appropriate option for blank No. 4.

        (a) conditionally        (b) severely

        (c) dissatisfied           (d) separate

25. Select the most appropriate option for blank No. 5.

        (a) abdominal             (b) renal

        (c) brain                                           (d) respiratory



1.   (d) ‘to’ in place of ‘than’

        Comparison es prefer ds lkFk ‘to’ dk use fd;k tkrk gSA

    Eg. I prefer tea to coffee.

2.   (a) ‘is’ in place of  ‘are’

        tc each, every, everybody, everyone, any, anybody, anyone, some, somebody, someone, nobody, no-one etc. ;fn fdlh sentence ds subject ds :i esa iz;qDr gksrs gSa rks buds lkFk ges’kk singular verb vk,xhA

    Eg. Each girl has to do her work.

        Everyone is present here.

        Nobody is responsible for your misconduct.

3.   (a) As much as

        vkxs ‘care’ uncountable noun vk;k gS &

    vr% option (a) As much as dk use gksxkA

    ckfd lHkh options grammatically incorrect gSA

    Much (adverb) – to a great degree. ¼vf/kd ek=k esa½

    Eg. Thank you very much for the flowers.

        Many dk use plural countable nouns and verb ds lkFk especially negative sentence esa fd;k tkrk gSA

    Eg. We don’t have very many copies left.

        As many as (idiom) – used to show surprise that the number of people or things involved is so large. ¼T;knk@vf/kd½

    Eg. There were as many as 200 people at the lecture.

        High dk use Å¡pkbZ ds fy, fd;k tk,xk rFkk As long to dksbZ formation gh ugha gSA

4.   (a) As long as

        ‘time period’ dh ckr gks jgh gSa fd tc rd vki muds class-teacher gks] mudh examination esa performance ds fy, responsible gksxsA

        vr% option (a) As long as correct answer gSA

    As/so long as (idiom)— since; to the extent that ¼tc rd½

   Eg. So long as there is a demand for these, drugs, the financial incentive for drug dealer will be there.

        Option (b) In as much as rFkk (c) as much to grammatically incorrect gSA

    So + adjective/adverb + as dk use Negative sentences esa fd;k tkrk gSA

    vr% option (d) Hkh grammatically incorrect gSA

    Eg. She is not so good as her sister.

5.   (c) tumour

        Forward reading esa] stomach vk;k gSaA

        vr% option (c) tumour contexually most suitable gSA

    Tumour (N) – A mass of cell growing in or on a part of the body where they should not, usually causing medical problems. ¼jlkyh] vcqZn½

    Eg. A brain tumour.

        They were relieved to hear that the tumour was benign.

        ckfd lHkh irrelevant options gSA

    Tuber (N) – the short, thick, round part of an underground stem or root of some plants, such as potatoes, which stores food and from which new plants grow. ¼dan] lwju½

        Eg. The potato is a tuber plant.

    Treasure –  a collection of valuable things such as gold, silver and jewellery ([ktkuk)

        Eg. He discovered a hidden treasure.

    Tremor (N) – A slight shaking movement in a part of your body caused, for example, by cold or fear. ¼daiu½

    Eg. There was a slight tremor in his voice.

6.   (b) funniest

        Forward reading ls irk pyrk gS fd investigation officer [kqn gh  culprit fudyrk gSA Which is sarcastically very funny.

        vr% option (b) funniest correct answer gSA

    ckfd options irrelevant gSA

    Primary (adj.) – Main; most important; basic ¼izkFkfed½

    Eg. Our primary concern must be children.


        Primary objective/goal/purpose

        Primary concern/reason focus

        Major izeq[k

    Real vlyh

7.   (c)

        (a) The traveller inquired if would there be a shelter for strangers.(Wrong use of tense)

        (b) The traveller inquired if there will be a shelter for strangers.(Wrong use of model)

        (c) The traveller inquired if there would be a shelter for strangers.

        (d) The traveller inquired whether will there be a shelter for strangers. (Wrong use of model and tense)

8.   (b) The members of the team were received by the coach with great excitement.

        fn;k x;k sentence past simple esa gSa vr% bldk active/passive formation—

        Active – Subject + V2nd + object

        Passive – Object + was/were + V3rd + by + Subject

        Members plural gS blfy, ‘were’ vk,xkA

    vr% option (b) correct answer gSA

9.   (d) Something promising is there in any difficult situation.

        Every cloud has a silver lining – even a very bad situation has a positive or hopeful side ¼fujk’kk iw.kZ fLFkfr eas vk’kk dh fdj.k gksrh gS½

        Eg. Even though he had lost the match he had gained in experience and was now more confident, every cloud has a silver lining.

10.        (c) Entirely false and fabricated

        Made out of whole cloth – Entirely fictional or utterly false.

        ¼iwjh rjg ls dkYifud ;k xyr½

    Eg. To be honest I don’t believe a word says – it sounds like it is cut from whole cloth to me.

11.        (c) Homogeneous

        Homogeneous (adj.) – consisting of things or people that are all the same or all of the same type.

        ¼laekxh] le:i½

    Eg. A homogeneous group.

        Homophony (N) of or relating to homophones

        Eg. These results about homophony must be integrated to current word learning algorithm.

        Homosexual (N) – sexually attracted to people of the same sex ¼leySafxd½

    Eg. More than half of these were for homosexual man.

        Homonymous (N) – a word that is spelt like another word (or pronounced like it) but that has a different meaning,¼,d uke j[kus okys½

    Eg. The two plant groups are examples of homonym.

12.        (c) Hymn

        Hymn (N) A religious song that christions sing together in church ¼/kkfeZd xhr] Hktu vkfn½

        Eg. The service began with a rousing hymn.

        Epic (N) – A long poem about the action of great man and women or about a nation’s history; this style of poetry.


    Eg. One of the great Hindu epics.

    Elegy (N) – [a poem or song that expresses sad feelings, especially for somebody who has died.¼’kksd xhd½

    Eg. During the funeral, Clay played an instrumental elegy for his brother.      

        Ode (N) – A poem that speaks to a person or thing or celebrates a special event. ¼lEcks/ku dfork½

    Eg. Keats’s ‘ode to a nightingale’

13.        (b) Balancing

        Balancing (V)- to put your body or something else into a position where it is steady and does not fall¼larqfyr½

        Eg. She lost her balance and fell.

        Adjustment (adj.) A small alteration or movement made to achieve a desired fit appearance or result. ¼rkyesy½

    Eg. I’ve made of a few adjustment to my diet.

        Cooperating (V) to work together with somebody close else in order achieve something. ¼lg;ksx djuk½

    Eg. The leaders promised to cooperate in ending the civil war.

        Compromising (adj.) it shows or tells people something that you want to keep secret, because it is wrong or embarrassing(समझौता)

        Eg. He made the fatal mistake of compromising early.

        Coordinating (adj.) matching or harmonizing attractively

    ¼feyu ;k vkd"kZd rkyesy½

    Eg. A variety of coordinating colours.

14.        (d) Querulous

        Querulous (adj.) – complaining; showing that you are annoyed(शिकायती)

        Eg. She became querulous and demanding.

        Quarrelsome (adj.) often arguing with other people¼>xM+kyw½

    Eg. When he drinks too much he becomes moody and quarrelsome.

        Ambiguous (adj.) having or expressing more than one possible meaning something intentionally. (अनेकार्थी)   

    Eg. Her songs are intentionally ambiguous.

        Pragmatic (adj.) solving problems in a practical and sensible way rather than by having fixed ideas or theories(तथ्यात्मक)

        Eg. A pragmatic approach to politics.

        Opaque (adj.) not transparent ¼vikjn’kZd½

    Eg. Bottles filled with a pale opaque liquid.

15.        (d) Unlikely (adj.) – not probable or likely to happen ¼vfo’oluh;½

        Eg. The government is unlikely to agree to the rebels demands for independence.

        Plausible (adj.) – seeming likely to be true or able to be believed. ¼fo’oluh; yxus okyk½

    Eg. Her story sounded perfectly plausible.

        Fantastic (adj.) – Extremely very good. ¼’kkunkj@foy{k.k½

    Eg. You look fantastic in that dress.

        Unmanageable (adj.) – impossible to deal with or manage.

        Eg. Long, curly, unmanageable hair needs a good conditioner.

        Feasible (adj.) – to be made, done or achieved. ¼संभव½

    Eg. With the extra resources, the project now seems feasible.

16.        (b) Planned

        Planned (adj.) to decide organize or prepare for something you want to do in the future. (fu;ksftr)

        Eg. He is planning a trip with his family.

        Casual (adj.) – happening by chance; doing something by chance. ¼vkdfLed½

    Eg. He tried to sound casual, but I knew he was worried.

        Informal (adj.) – relaxed and friendly; not following strict rules of how to behave or do something.       ¼अनौपचारिक½

    Eg. The guys wore very informal clothes.

        Inspirational (adj.) – providing exciting new ideas; making somebody want to create something, especially in art, literature or music¼प्रेरणात्मक½

    Eg Our special supplement is packed with inspirational ideas for healthy and glamorous hair.    

        Immature (adj.) – not fully grown ¼vfodflr½

    Eg. Many of the fish caught are immature.

17.        (c) Navigetion

        Correct spelling – Navigation

        Navigation (N) the skill or the process of planning a route for a ship of or other vehicle and taking it there. ¼नौवाहन½

        Eg. An expert in navigation.

        Combination (N) – two or more things joined or mixed together to form a single unit ¼la;kstu½

    Eg. Strawberries and cream a perfect combination.

        Condonation (N) – implied pardon of an offense by treating the offender as if it had not been committed. ¼ekQ djuk½

    Eg. The second criticism falls into the category of condonation of one's own imperfections.       

        Molestation (N) – the act of molesting someone (touching or attacking then in a sexual way)¼mRihM+u½

        Eg. Any case of sexual molestation of a child should be reported to the police.

18.        (c) Simultaneves

        Correct spelling – Simultaneous

        Simultaneous (adj.) – happening or done at the same time as something else ¼ledkyhu½

    Eg. A simultaneous withdrawal of troops.

        Simulation (N) a situation in which a particular set of conditions is created artificially in order to study or experience something that could exist in reality¼vuq:i½

    Eg. A computer simulation of how the planet functions.

        Stylistics (adj.)- connected with the style an artist uses in a particular piece of art, writing or music ¼शैलीगत½

    Eg. The stylistic conventions of magazine stories.

        Synthetic (adj.) artificial ¼d`f=e½

    Eg. You should add some synthetic fertilizer to the soil.

19.        (a) ACDB

        (a);g ,d fast alone sentence gS  ftlls Anush ds dqÙkksa ls Mjus dh ckr dks crk;k gSA

        (c) bl sentence esa Anush ds }kjk dog dks introduce fd;k gSA

    (d) sequence ls dog dh activity dks crk;k gSA tks fd option (c) ls related gSA

    ;gka option (c) o (d) esa Neon link gSA

    vr% most suitable answer option (a) ACDB gksxkA

20.        (c) DCAB

        ‘A’ esa crk;k x;k gS fd Navin rFkk Jathin us young men ds ,d group dks fighting esa Train fd;kA

        rFkk ‘B’ esa bldk reason fn;k gS fd os vius village dks ,slk cukuk pkgrs Fks fd yksx fcuk Mj ds jg ldsA vr% (a),(b)esa Neon link gSA

    Only option (c) DCAB esa gSA

21. ;gka Delhi ls dgha vkSj shift gksus dh ckr gks jgh gSA due to air-pollution.

        vr% option (b) relocate correct answer gSA

    Relocate (V) – to move or to move somebody/something to a new place to work or operate. ¼LFkkukUrj.k½

    Eg. The firm may be forced to relocate from New York to Stanford.

        ckfd options irrelevant gSA

    Restart – iqu% 'kq: djukA

    Reschedule (V) – to change, the time at which something has been arranged to happen, especially so that it takes place later. ¼iqu;ksZftr djuk½


        • be rescheduled for something—

        Eg. The meeting has been rescheduled for next week.

        • be rescheduled to something—

        Eg. The show will now be rescheduled to a later date.

        Reinstate (V) – to give back a job or position that had been taken away from somebody ¼iqu% fu;qDr djuk½

    Eg. He was reinstated in his post.

22. ;gka air-pollution ds health ij impact dh ckr gks jgh gSA

        ‘Air-pollution’ non-living thing gS rFkk ckn esa noun (impact) vk;k gSA

        vr% bldk possessive adjective ‘its’ vk,xk option (c) its correct answer gSaA

    ckfd lHkh grammatically incorrect gSaA

23. Delhi ds ‘Air-quality index’ dh ckr gks jgh gSaA vkxs ‘a three-year low’ vk;k gS ;kfu ;g ‘level’ dks show dj jgk gSA

        vr% option (a) hit correct answer gSA

    Hit (V) – to reach a particular level ¼igaqpuk½

    Eg. Temperatures hit 40°C yesterday.

        Option (b) produced o (d) bagged irrelevant gSA

    Produce (V) – to cause a particular result or effect. ¼mRiknu djuk½

    Eg. These plants produce a number of thin roots.           

        Bag (V)- a container made of cloth, leather, plastic or paper, used to carry things in, especially when shopping or travelling.

        Eg. He was carrying a heavy bag of groceries.

        Option (c) leaped factually wrong gSA

    Leap (V) – to increase suddenly and by a large amount. ¼yka?kuk] Nykax yxkuk½

    Eg. The shares leapt in value from 476p to close at 536p.

24. Backward reading ls] ‘Air-quality Index’ rhu lky ds uhpys Lrj ij igqapk FkkA rFkk forward reading ls] led to problem vk;k gSA

        vr% option (b) severely most suitable gSA

    Severely – xaHkhj :i ls

    Option (a) conditionally red-herring gSA

    Conditionally – 'krks± ds vk/kkj ijA

    Option (c) dissatisfied rFkk (d) separate grammatically incorrect gSA

    D;ksafd Blank space ds ckn Verb (polluted) vk;k gS ftls adverb qualify djrh gSA

    Dissatisfied ¼vlarq"V½ rFkk separate ¼vyx½ nksuksa adjectives gSA

25. Air pollution dh ckr gks jgh rFkk forward reading ls] yksxksa dks outdoor masks wear djus dh ppkZ gks jgh gSA

        vr% option (d) respiratory correct answer gSA

   Respiratory (adj.) – connected with breathing ¼’okl laca/kh½

    ckfd lHkh irrelevant options gSA

    Abdominal – mnj ;k isV laca/kh

    Renal – xqnsZ laca/kh

    Brain – efLr"d