SSC CHSL Pre. 2019, 19.03.2020 (Shift-3) with detailed Solutions

SSC CHSL Pre. 2019, 19.03.2020 (Shift-3) with detailed Solutions

SSC CHSL Pre. 2019, 19.03.2020 (Shift-3)


        Directions (1-2) In the sentence identify the segment which contains the grammatical error.

1.    The manager was referring about the previous instances of loss to the employees during his address.

        (a) The manager was referring about  

        (b) the previous instances

        (c) during his address

        (d) of loss to the employees

2.    One of the reason behind malnutrition is the improper way of food intake.

        (a) behind malnutrition           (b) of food intake

        (c) is the improper way           (d) One of the reason

        Directions (3-4) Select the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given sentence. If there is no need to substitute it, select ‘No improvement’.

3.    Prithvi likes baseball as long as she likes cricket.

        (a) so long as                                 (b) as much as

        (c) No improvement                  (d) as many as

4.    As long to funding is not made available, our construction dreams have been deferred.

        (a) No improvement                 (b) As high as

        (c) In as much as       (d) So long as

        Directions (5-6) Select the most appropriate word to fill in the blank.

5.    Although they searched for an hour, they were not able to find the ______ easily.

        (a) whereabouts        (b) space

        (c) location                                     (d) meeting

6.    The wall fell down with a big ______.

        (a) hiss      (b) murmur             (c) screech                           (d) bang

7.    Select the correct indirect form of the given sentence.

        The lion asked the lioness, "Where will you hide yourself, until I return?”
The lion asked the lioness where she would hide herself, until he returned.

        (b) The lion asked the lioness where she will hide herself, until he returns.

        (c) The lion asked the lioness whether she would hide herself, until he returned.

        (d) The lion asked the lioness where would she hide herself, until he returned.

8.    Select the correct passive form of the given sentence.

        The Inspector had already proved the case before the investigation team took charge of it.

        (a) The investigation team took charge of the case but the Inspector had already proved before it.

        (b) The case had already proved by the Inspector before the investigation team took charge of it.

        (c) The case was already proved by the Inspector before the investigation team took charge of it.

        (d) The case had already been proved by the Inspector before the investigation team took charge of it.

        Directions (9-10) Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom.

9.    In a fog

        (a) Trapped in foggy weather

        (b) Sightless and blind

        (c) Confused and dazed

        (d) Disturbed and unhappy

10. Neither fish nor fowl

        (a) Something which can neither be purchased nor be grown

        (b) Something which can neither be supplied easily nor be made available readily

        (c) Something which can neither be categorized easily nor be accepted befittingly

        (d) Something which can neither be eaten nor be preserved

        Directions (11-12) Select the word which means the same as the group of words given.

11. Condition of sleep during certain parts of the year

        (a) Somnambulism  (b) Dehydration

        (c) Constipation         (d) Hibernation

12. A person who studies the structure of the earth

        (a) Gynaecologist      (b) Geographer     

        (c) Gemologist            (d) Geologist

        Directions (13-14) Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word.

Readability            (b) Temporality

        (c) Compatibility       (d) Poverty

Calibration            (b) Botheration

        (c) Celebration           (d) Foundation

        Directions (15-16) Select the most appropriate ANTONYM of the given word.

Connoisseur         (b) Enthusiast

        (c) Teacher                                     (d) Amateur

Deserving                                (b) Helpful

        (c) Trustworthy         (d) Unskilled

        Directions (17-18) Select the wrongly spelt word.

17. (a) Menifestation      (b) Eradication

        (c) Manipulation        (d) Regularization

18. (a) Productive             (b) Representative

        (c) Palliative                                  (d) Lucretive

        Directions (19-20) Given below are four jumbled sentences. Out of the given options select the one that gives their correct order.

19. A. The boat floated down the river and reached the other bank.

        B. Thinking that she was dead, her friends secretly took her and abandoned her in a boat.

        C. The people on the bank took her to a hospital and saved her.

        D. Smelling a flower given by the magician, Shweta fell down unconscious.
DBAC   (b) ACDB (c) DABC     (d) BCAD

20. Given below are four jumbled sentences. Out of the given options select the one that gives their correct order.

        A. Their classmate, Koushal, hardly studied and spent much of his time wasting on prattles.

        B. He made himself busy by collecting old pens and used papers in order to avoid studies.

        C. Poonam, the class teacher, was very much loved and respected by her students.

        D. Three of them were very intelligent and spent most of their time studying with Poonam.

        (a) DCAB   (b) CADB (c) CDAB     (d) CDBA

        Direction (21-25)  In the following passage some words have been deleted. Fill in the blanks with the help of the
alternatives given. Select the most appropriate option for each blank.
Art is the use of (21)______, skill and imagination to create something that’s beautiful or emotionally (22)______. This definition needs to be expanded. If you (23)______ a little deeper,
you’ll see that any skill can be considered an art, (24)______ if you exercise a little (25)______ and creativity in the process.

21. (a) emotion                                    (b) creativity

        (c) destruction           (d) intoxication

22. (a) creative                                     (b) comforting

        (c) imaginative           (d) tempting

23. (a) move                        (b) play

        (c) dig                              (d) look

24. (a) commonly             (b) at the outset

        (c) generally                                   (d) particularly

25. (a) imagination          (b) hope

        (c) desire                       (d) dream



1.    (a) remove ‘about'

        refer (V)  form ds lkFk dHkh Hkh about dk use ugha gksrk gSA

        refer (V) : to send somebody/something to somebody/ something help advice or a decision.

        Eg. The company says it has referred the matter to its law years.

    The case was referred to the court of appeal.

        Structure :

        (refer somebody)

        Eg. If you are referred urgently by your GP, a specialist should see you within two weeks.

        (refer somebody for something)

        Eg. She was referred for evaluation and treatment.

2.    (d) ‘reasons’ in place of ‘reason’

        ‘one of / one of the ds ckn plural countable noun dk gksrk gSA


        One of /one of the + plural countable noun + singular  verb

        Eg. You are one of my best friends.

        One of the eggs is broken .

3.    (b) as much as

        ;gka ‘baseball’ rFkk ‘cricket’ dh ilan esa similarity crkbZ tk jgh gSA Baseball o cricket ‘uncountable’ gSA ,oa much dk use uncountable noun ds lkFk gksrk gSA vr% option (b) as much as correct answer gSA

   Eg. I like coffee as much as I like tea.

    I have much milk.

    Many dk use plural countable nouns ds lkFk gksrk gSA

        Eg. I have many friends.

        Option (a) as long as grammatically incorrect o (b) so long as irrelevant gSA

    So + adv./adj. + as dk use negative sentence esa rFkk as + adv./adj. + as dk use negative rFkk affirmative nksuksa sentence esa gksrk gSA

   Eg. I am not so smart as your friend.

        I am as smart as you.

4.    (d) so long as

        ‘as/so long as’ idiom gSA

        as/so long as : since, to the extent that ¼tc rd] tgka rd½

        Eg. So as there is demand for these drugs, the financial incentive for drug dealers will be there.

        pwafd ;gka sentence convey dj jgk gS fd tc rd funding miyC/k ugha djkbZ tkrh gS gekjs fuekZ.k ds lius Vky fn, tkrs gSA

    option (b) as high as – to feel very happy and excited.

        ¼cgqr T;knk [kq’k mRlkfgr½

    Eg. I was as high as a kite when I heard I’d get the job.

        D;ksafd ‘as high as’ ¼cgqr T;knk [kq’k gksuk½ crk;k vkSj sentence esa negative sense dh ckr gks jgh gSA vr% ;g option grammatically incorrect gSA

    Option (c) In as much as blds ;g word ,d lkFk (in as much as) use gksrk gS tksfd conjunction ds :i esa gksrk gSA

   In as much as : used to add a comment on something that you have just said to say in what way it is true.

        Option (d) ‘so long as’ gh most suitable answer gSA

5.    (c) Location

        ;gka dqN ‘search’ gksus dh ckr gks jgh gSA

    vr% option (c) location most suitable answer gSA

   Location (N) : A place of where something happens or exists, the position of something. ¼LFkku] vofLFkfr] fLFkfr½

   Eg. Mobile phones can determine our exact location and relay it to the police in an emergency.


        Exact/precise/specific location

        Show/find/identify location

        Geographical/Geographic location

        Vocabulary point:


        ;s lHkh words area ;k part of an area ds fy, use gksrs gSA

        Place dksbZ particular point, area, city, town, building etc. especially tgka dqN ?kfVr gksrk gS ;k for particular purpose.

        Eg. This would be a good place for a picnic.

        Site : ,d place tgka dksbZ thing especially ,d building located gS ;k gksxhA

   Eg. They’ve chosen a site for the new school.

        Area : fdlh room, building etc. dk part tks fdlh special purpose ds fy, use gks] a particular place an object.

        Eg. The hotel reception area.

        Move the cursor to a blank area on the screen.

        Position : Place tgka dksbZ person ;k thing located gks often temporary. ;kfu dksbZ person ;k thing ml place (position) esa ,d particular time ds fy, gh gksrk gSA

   Eg. From his position at the top of the hill, he could see the harbour.

        Point : fdlh area esa particular place gksrk gS tgka dqN ?kfVr gks ;k gksxkA

   Eg. The point at which the river divides.

        Location : ,d ,slk place tgka dksbZ thing exist djrh gS ;k ?kfVr gksrh gS] especially ,slk place ftldk dksbZ name uk gks ;k tks known ugha gksA

   Eg. The company is moving to a new location.

        Scene : ,slk place tgka dksbZ pht@dqN ?kfVr gks especially something unpleasant.

        Eg. The scene of the accident.

        Spot : ,d particular point or area, [kkldj oks ftldk particular character gks ;k tgka dksbZ particular thing ?kfVr gksrh gSA

   Eg. The lake is one of the local beauty spots.

        Option (a) whereabouts red-herring gSA

   Whereabouts (N) : the place, where a person or thing is ¼fBdkuk] vrk&irk½

   Eg. The present whereabouts of the manuscripts is unknown.

        Whereabouts fdlh person ;k thing dh ml particular time esa presence gksrh gSA tcfd sentence ,slk dqN convey ugha dj jgk gSaA

    Option (b) space o (d) meeting irrelevant gSaA

   Space (N) : an amount of an area or of a place that is empty or that is available for use. ¼txg½

   Eg. We must make good use of the available space.

        Meeting (N) : an occasion when people come together to discuss or decide something.

        Eg. A hundred people attended the public meeting.


        In a meeting-

        Eg. I’ll be in a meeting all meaning – can you take my calls?

        At a meeting-

        Eg. This issue will be discussed at the next board meeing.

        Meeting of somebody/something-

        Eg. A meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

        Meeting with somebody-

        Eg. She is due to have a meeting with senior government officials.

        Meeting about something-

        Eg. A public meeting about the proposal takes place on Monday.

        Meeting between A and B-

        Eg. This will be the first meeting between the two leaders since they took office.

6.    (d) bang

        nhokj ds fxjus dh ckr gks jgh gSA ftlds fy, most suitable option (d) bang gSaA  

        vr% option (d) bang correct answer gSA

   Big-bang (N) : a large explosion ¼/kekdk] foLQksV½

    Option (a) hiss o (b) Murmur factually wrong gSA

   Hiss (N) : a sound like the letter ‘s’. ¼QaqQdkj½

   Eg. I heard a hiss and a pop as the cork came out of the battle.

        Murmur (N) : a quietly spoken word or words. ¼ean&/ouh] cM+cM+kgV½

   Eg. She answered in a faint murmur.


        Dull/faint/low murmur

        Give/let out/hear murmur

        Murmur ripple through something/rum

        The murmur of voices (phrase)

        Option (c) screech red-herring gSaA

   Screech (N) : A loud high unpleasant call or noise. ¼QVk vkokt] ph[k½

   Eg. She suddenly let out a screech.

        A screech of brakes/tyres.

7.    (a)

        (a) The lion asked the lioness where she would hide herself, until he returned.

        (b) The lion asked the lioness where she will hide herself, until he returns.(tense hasn’t been changed)

        (c) The lion asked the lioness whether she would hide herself, until he returned.(wrong use of conjunction)

        (d) The lion asked the lioness where would she hide herself, until he returned. (wrong use of conjunction and structure)

8.    (d) The case had already been proved by the Inspector before the investigation team took charge of it.

    fn;k x;k sentence past perfect tense esa gSA ftls active/ passive es change djus ds rule fuEu gS :

    Active – Subject + had + V3rd + Object

        Passive – Object + had + been + V3rd + by + Subject

9.    (c) confused and dazed

        In a fog : not fully aware or alert ¼iwjh rjg ls tkx:d ;k lrdZ u jguk½

        Eg. I went home in a fog of dis belief.

10. (a) something which can neither be purchased nor be grown

        Neither fish nor fowl : not recognizable or characteristic of any one particular thing ¼fdlh ,d pht dh igpku ugha gksuk½

        Eg. Yet officially we are demographically insignificant neither fish nor fowl.

11. (d) Hibernation

        Hibernation (N) : condition of sleep doing certain parts of the year. ¼’khrfunzk½

        Eg. Bears go into hibernation in the autumn.

        Somnambulism (N) : A situation in which a person walks around while they are sleeping ¼uhna esa pyuk½

   Eg. About 4% of adults experience somnambulism.

        Dehydration (N) : A drop below normal levels of water in the body. ¼’kjhj esa ikuh dh deh½

   Eg. A vegetable dehydration factory.

        Constipation (N) : A condition which makes someone unable to empty their bowels as often as they should ¼dCt gksuk½

   Eg. Taking high doses of iron can cause constipation.

12. (c) Geologist

        Geologist (N) : A person who studies the structure of the earth. ¼HkwoSKkfud½

        Eg. The geologist proves up a coal deposits.

        Gynaecologist (N) : A doctor skilled in the treatment of women’s diseases. ¼L=h jksx fo’ks"kK½

   Eg. Like her gynaecologist, he could foresee no problems.

        Geographer (N) : A person who studies geography ¼Hkwxksy dk v/;;u djus okyk½

   Eg. His grandfather is a geographer.

        Gemologist (N) : A specialist in gems. ¼jRufoKkuh½

        Eg. She quickly enrolled on a gemology diploma course.

13. (d) poverty

        Penury (N) : the state of being extremely poor. ¼xjhch½

   Eg. The university also suffered from the general penury.

        Poverty (N) : the condition of being poor. ¼xjhc fLFkfr½

   Eg. He grew up in poverty.

        Readability (N) : The quality of being easy and enjoyable to read. ¼i<+us ;ksX;] i<+us esa vklku½

   Eg. Articles are edited for clarity and readability.

        Temporality (N) : The state of existing within or having some relationship with time. ¼lkef;d izd`fr½

   Eg. I had an interest in music, text and temporality.

        Compatibility (N) : the fact of being able to be used with a particular type of computer, machine device etc. ¼vuqdwy½

   Eg. I am not impressed by the file compatibility with previous versions.

14. (c) celebration

        Festivity (N) : A situation in which people are happy and celebrating. ¼[kq’kh dk ekgkSy½

   Eg. The royal wedding was an occasion of great festivity.

        Celebration (N) : A special social event, such as a party, when you celebrate something. ¼[kq’kh eukuk½

        Eg. There were lively new year celebrations all over town.

        Calibration (N) : the units of measurement marked on instrument so that it can measure accurately ¼tk¡p djuk½

   Eg. A fine catheter with 10 mm calibration was inserted by the surgeon.

        Botheration(exclamation) :  an expression of anger ¼Øks/k n’kkZuk½

   Eg. Oh botheration! can’t find my keys.

        Foundation(N) : the first year of infant school previously known as reception ¼ewy uhao½

   Eg. A foundation class.

15. (d) amateur

        Maestro (N) : A man who is very skilled at playing or conducting (directing the performance of music) ¼fdlh dk;Z dks djus esa ekfgj½

   Eg. The young mestro was called to the stage many times.

        Amateur (Adj.) : taking part in an activity for pleasure not or a job. ¼fdlh dk;Z dks 'kkSd ls iwjk djuk½

        Eg. an amateur boxer.

        Connoisseur (N) : An export judge in matters of taste ¼fo’ks"kK@ikj[kh½

   Eg. A connoisseur of music.

        Enthusiast (N) : A person who is very interested in a particular activity or subject ¼’kkSdhu] vfr mRlkgh½

   Eg. A sports car enthusiast.

        Teacher (N) : Some whose job is to teach in a school or college ¼v/;kid½

   Eg. A history teacher.

16. (a) deserving

        Unworthy (Adj.) : not deserving respect, admiration or support. ¼v;ksX;] dqik=½

   Eg. I put all unworthy thoughts out of my mind.

        Deserving (Adj.) : to deserve to get something ¼;ksX;½

        Eg. His efforts are certainly deserving of praise.

        Helpful (Adj.) : willing to help, or useful. ¼lgk;d½

   Eg. I’m sorry, I was only trying to be helpful.

        Trustworthy (Adj.) : able to be trusted ¼fo’okl ;ksX;½

   Eg. We have a brand that is perceived or trustworthy.

        Unskilled (Adj.) : used to describe people who have no particular ¼vdq’ky] vukM+h½

   Eg. Unskilled workers.

17. (a) Menifestation

        Correct spelling – Manifestation

        Manifestation (N) : An event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical.

        Eg. The first obvious manifestations of global warming.

        Eradication (N) :  The complete destruction of something. ¼iw.kZ fouk’k½

   Eg. The eradication of poverty.

        Manipulation (N) : the action of manipulating something in a skillful manner ¼fdlh dk;Z dks pkykdh ls djuk½

   Eg. The format allows fast picture manipulation.

        Regularization (N) : the act of changing a situation or system so that it follows laws or rules, or is based on reason

        ¼fu;efr djuk½

   Eg. The regularization of undocumented workers.

18. (d) Lucretive

        Correct spelling – Lucrative

        Lucrative (Adj.) : (especially of a business job or activity) producing a lot of money. ¼ykHknk;d½

   Eg. The merger proved to be very lucrative for both companies.

        Productive (Adj.) : having positive results ¼ldkjkRed ifj.kke½

   Eg. Theirs was very productive partnership.

        Representative (N) : a person who has been chosen to speak or vote for somebody else or for a group of people, or to take the place of somebody else.(izfrfuf/k)

        Eg. Our elected representatives in government should be doing something about this.

        Palliative (Adj.) : (of a drug or medical treatment)

        Reducing pain without curing the case of the pain ¼’kkfUr iznku djuk] nnZ dks Bhd djuk½

   Eg. Aspirin is palliative.

19. (a) DBAC

        ‘B’ o ‘A’ esa ‘Boat’ common factor gSA ‘B’ esa ml yM+dh dks ,d boat esa NksM+ nsrs gSaA rFkk ‘A’ esa ml boat ds fy, definite article ‘the’ use gqvk gSA vr% BA esa Neon link gSA Only option (1) DBAC eas gSA

20. (c) CDAB

        ‘C’ esa ‘poonam’ (proper noun) the class teacher dks introduce fd;k x;k gSA vr% sequence ‘C’ ls start gksxhA

    ‘D’ es three intelligent student dks introduce fd;k gS rFkk ‘A’ es koushal ds fy, their classmate(three intelligent students dk classmate) use gqvk gSAvr%DA neon link gSA

   ‘A’ esa Kaushal ds ckjs esa dgk x;k gS fd og i<+rk ugha Fkk rFkk time waste djrk Fkk rFkk ‘B’ esa mlds ‘He’ pronoun vk;k gS rFkk ‘A’ ds supportive argument fn;k gSA vr% AB esa Neon link gSA

    vr% DAB link gSA

    Option (c) CDAB correct answer gSA

21. Passage esa ‘Art’ dh ckr gqbZ gSaA rFkk Blank space o skill rFkk imagination dks ‘And’ conjunction ls tksM+k x;k gSA ,oa conjunction AND ls supporting argument dks connect djrs gSA

    vr% option (b) creativity correct answer gSA

   Creativity (N)  : the use of skill and imagination to produce new or to produce art ¼jpukRedrk½

   Eg. Creativity and originality are more important than technical skill.

        Option (a) emotion irrelevant gSaA

   Emotion (N) : A strong feeling such as love, fear or anger; the part of a person’s character that consists of feelings. ¼Hkkouk] euksHkko½

   Eg. The decision was based on emotion rather than rational thoughts.


        Show/express emotion

        Experience/feel/be chocked with emotion

        Overcome with emotion

        Flicker/hunt/trace of emotion

        Mixed/negative/human/raw emotions

        Option (c) destruction o (d) intoxication factually wrong gSA

   Destruction (N) : the act of destroying something; the process of being destroyed. ¼fouk’k] rckgh½

   Eg. He witnessed the destruction of most of his work in a studio fire.

        Intoxication (N) : the state of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. ¼u’kk] ekndrk½

   Eg. Alcohol intoxication

        A state of intoxication

22. Blank ls igys emotionally vk;k gS ftldk vFkZ gS yksxksa dh feeling ls tqM+k gqvk gksus ds manner esaA

        vr% option (b) comforting most suitable answer gSA

    ;kfu ,slk dqN create djs tks beautiful gks ;k emotionally comforting.

        Comforting (Adj.) : Making you feel calmer and less worried or unhappy. ¼vkjke nsus okyk@rlYyhc['k½

   Eg. It’s comforting to know that you’ll be there.

        Option (a) creative ¼jpukRed½ o (c) imaginative ¼dYiuk’khy½ irrelevant gSaA

    Option (d) tempting red-herring gSA

   Tempting (Adj.) : something that is tempting is attractive, and make people want to have it, do it, etc. ¼eksgd] vkd"kZd½

   Eg. That cake looks very tempting.

23. xgjkbZ dh ckr gks jgh gS forward reading ls] a little deeper vk;k gSA vr% Option (c) dig most suitable gSA

    Dig deep (into something) idiom gSA

   Dig deep (into something) : to search for information in a place of careful and detailed way. ¼lko/kkuh rFkk foLr`r :i ls irk yxkuk@[kkstuk½

   Eg. You’ll need to dig deep into the records to find the figure you want.

        Option (a) move ¼pyuk] dk;Zokgh djuk½ o (d) look ¼ns[kuk½ red-herring gSA

    Option (b) play ¼[ksyuk½ irrelevant gSA

24. Backward reading ls irk pyrk gS fd ;gka fdlh pht ds ckjs esa deeply tkuus ij fdlh skill ds art gksus dh condition crkbZ tk jgh gSA

        vr% option (d) particularly ¼fo’ks"k rkSj ij½ correct answer gSA

    Option (a) commonly ¼lkekU;r% vkerkSj ij½ rFkk (c) generally ¼lkekU;r%] vkerkSj ij½ factually wrong gSA

    Option (b) at the outset irrelevant gSA

    At/from the outset (of something)—

        At/from the beginning of something. ¼fdlh pht dh 'kq:vkr ls½

   Eg. I made it clear right from the outset that I disapproved.

        You should have made that clear right at the outset.

25. Backward reading ls] skill and imagination to create vk;k gSA

        vr% option (a) imagination ¼dYiuk½ correct answer gSA

    ckfd lHkh options red-herring gSA

    Hope – vk’kk] Hkjkslk

    Desire – vkdka{kk] vfHkyk"kk

    Dream – liuk