SSC CHSL Pre. 2019, 12.10.2020 Shift 1 with detailed Solution

SSC CHSL Pre. 2019, 12.10.2020 Shift 1 with detailed Solution

SSC CHSL Pre. 2019, 12.10.2020 Shift - 1

Direction (1-2) In the given sentence identify the segment which contains the grammatical error.

1. When I met Akbar Padamsee, one of a pioneers of Indian art, he was 87 but still alert and active.

(a) but still alert and active

(b) When I met

(c) he was 87

(d) one of a pioneers of Indian art

2. Your skill lie in cheering up people who are stressed out, wound up or generally just annoyed.

(a) who are stressed out, wound up

(b) in cheering up people

(c) Your skill lie

(d) or generally just annoyed

Direction (3-4) Select the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given sentence. If there is no need to substitute it, select ‘No improvement’.

3. Lenovo has launched ThinkPad XI Fold, the world’s first foldable laptop which is claimed to be so durable as its other devices.

(a) No improvement (b) to be most durable as

(c) to be very durable as (d) to be as durable as

4. It is reported that everyday India witnessing the death of over 2000 babies aged less than one year.

(a) India will be witness the death

(b) No improvement

(c) India witnesses the death

(d) India witness the death

Direction (5-6) Select the most appropriate word to fill in the blank in the given sentence.

5. If the video clip of the murder had not been shared on social media, the world would likely have remained ______ of the tragedy.

(a) renowned (b) recognized

(c) unaware (d) unconfirmed

6. Padamse worked like a mathematician and was a true ______ who experimented with numerous mediums.

(a) adversary (b) literary

(c) voluntary (d) visionary

7. Select the correct indirect form of the given sentence.

“Do you attend the film festival at Goa every year?” he asked.

(a) He asked me if I attended the film festival at Goa every year.

(b) He is asking me if I attended the film festival at Goa every year.

(c) He had asked me if I was attending the film festival at Goa every year.

(d) He asks me if I attend the film festival at Goa every year.

8. Select the correct passive form of the given sentence.

 The police beat a number of protestors last night.

(a)A number of protestors were being beaten by the police last night.

(b)A number of protestors had been beaten by the police last night.

(c)A number of protestors has been beaten by the police the night before.

(d)A number of protestors were beaten by the police the night before.

Direction (9-10) Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom.

9. Up in arms

(a) Throw up arms in joy

(b) Divide into armed groups

(c) Give up fighting and surrender

(d) Angry about something

10. Stir up a hornet’s nest

(a) Call for dialogue (b) Lead a revolt

(c) Provoke trouble (d) Destroy a nest

Direction (11-12) Select the word which means the same as the group of words given.

11. That which is no longer useful

(a) Redundant (b) Abundant

(c) Reluctant (d) Dominant

12. Something that is genuine

(a) Majestic (b) Unreal (c) Authentic (d) Academic

Direction (13-14) Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word.


(a)Rejection (b)Continuation

(c)Discussion (d)Declaration


(a) Intuition (b) Deceit (c) Surfeit (d) Sincerity

Direction (15-16) Select the most appropriate ANTONYM of the given word.


(a) Neglect (b) Vigilance (c) Attack (d) Endurance


(a) Obstruct (b) Abolish (c) Cherish (d) Construct

Direction (17-18) Select the wrongly spelt word.

17. (a) Awfully (b)Unruly (c) Unduly (d) Faithfuly

18. (a) Popularly (b) Beggarly

(c) Jocularly (d) Sincearly

Direction (19-20) Given below are four jumbled sentences. Select the option that gives their correct order.

19. A. The most well-known among them is the Purple Frog needing immediate protection.

B. The Secret Life of Frogs is the first ever film on the Amphibians of India.

C. The film has been shot extensively in the Western Ghats.

D. It showcases unique species of frogs which are critically endangered.

(a) DCBA (b) BCDA (c) BCAD (d) CBDA

20. A. This test is conducted on the fully automated Driving Test Track designed by Maruti Suzuki.

B. Each of these specific skills are to be tested and need to be completed successfully in under seven minutes by the candidate.

C. It is a fully-automated track having six segments to test specific driving skills.

D. The Regional Transport Offices of Delhi have recently introduced the new driving test.

(a) BADC (b) DBAC (c) DACB (d) ADBC

Direction (21-25) :- In the following passage some words have been deleted. Fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given. Select the most appropriate option for each blank.

Smart phones have become an essential part of our lives and their (21)______ usage is now impacting human behaviour. We need to (22)______ think about digital detox! Yes, the concept of disconnecting with (23)______ virtual world is not just a fad. It’s the need of the hour today .The Global Brand Director of the smartphone Vivo in his speech nudged all smartphone users (24)______ a step backward and think. He said, “Let’s (25)______ our mobiles and pledge to be closer and nearer to our loved ones.”

21. (a) exceeding (b) excessive

(c) exceedingly (d) exceed

22. (a) series (b) seriousness

(c) seriously (d) serious

23. (a) the (b) a

(c) any (d) many

24. (a) to take (b) to taking

(c) taken (d) takes

25. (a) switch off (b) switch in

(c) switch over (d) switch up



1. (d) The’ in place of ‘a’.

‘Pioneers’ plural noun gS tcfd Article ‘a’ dk use singular countable nouns ls igys fd;k tkrk gSA

Eg. – a boy; a girl etc.

Given sentence esa vkxs pioneers dks describe fd;k x;k gS ‘Indian art ds pioneers esa ls ,d gS blfy, ;g ,d definite noun cu tkrk gS blfy, blds lkFk definite article ‘the’ dk use gksxkA

Structure :

One of the + plural noun

Eg. One of the books is missing from my cupboard. 

2. (c) ‘lies’ in place of ‘lie’.

Subject ‘skill’ singular noun gS blfy, singular verb ‘lies’ vk,xk

Lie (V): (of ideas, qualities, problems etc.) to exist or be found.

Structure :

lie in something –

Eg. The problem lies in deciding when to intervene.

lie with somebody –

Eg. The fault lies with you.

lie + adj./adv. –

Eg. The answer seems to lie elsewhere.

Vocabulary point

Lie/lie/lay (often creates problem)

Lie (V) : (of a person or animal) to be or put yourself in a flate position so that you are not standing or sitting. ¼iM+s jguk½

Eg. Lie there for a bit until you feel better.

Verb forms :

Lie / lies (present simple), lay (past simple)

lain (past participle), lying (-ing form)

Lie : to say or write something that you know is not true ¼>wB cksyuk½

Eg. You could see from his face that he was lying.

Verb forms.

lie/lies (present simple), lied (past simple) lied (past participle) lying (-ing form)

lay : to put somebody/something in a particular position especially when it is done gently or carefully ¼j[kuk½

Eg. He laid a hand on my arm.

Verb forms :

lay/lays (present simple), laid (past simple) laid (past participle), laying (-ing form)

3. (d) to be as durable as. 

As - positive degree of adj./adv. – as rFkk so – positive degree of adj./adv. – as nksuks structures gksrs gSA

as – adj./adv. – as dk use affirmative rFkk Negative nksuks izdkj ds okD;ksa esa fd;k tk ldrk gS A tcfd so – adj./adv. – as dk use dsoy Negative okD;ksa esa gksrk gSA vr% option (a) wrong gSA

Eg. The runner-up could not sing so/as nicely as the winner.

I am quite confident that my preparation is as good as his. 

pwafd question esa given sentence affirmative gS blfy, as – durable – as vk,xkA

option (b) o (c) grammatically incorrect gSA D;ksfd most – adj/adv. – as rFkk very – adj./adv. as dk dksbZ structure gh ugha gksrk gSA

vr% option (d) correct answer gSA

4. (c) India witnesses the death .

sub. +v ing dh dksbZ structure ugh gksrh gSA vr% option (a) grammatically wrong gSA

Option (a) and option (d) grammatically incorrect gSA

D;ksfd Will be +V1st dh dksbZ structure ugh gksrh gSA


Will be + V3rd 

Eg. Cricket will be played by him.

Option (d) es India ds fy, plural verb (witness) use gqbZ gSA tks fd grammatically incorrect gS D;ksfd India singular noun gSA

sentence esa ‘everyday’ adverb vkbZ gSA ,oa adverb usually , generally , daily , normally , always , often , seldom , never , everyday etc. dk use generally present indefinite tense es fd;k tkrk gSA 

Eg. The earth revolves around the sun.

I go to gym daily.

vr% option (c) correct answer gSA

5. (c) unaware

Sentence esa crk;k x;k gS fd ;fn Murder dh Video clip, social media ij share ugha gksrh rks world dks bl tragedy ds ckjs esa irk ugha pyrkA

vr% option (c) unaware correct answer gSA

Unaware (Adj.) : not knowing or realizing that something is happening or that something exists . ¼vutku] cs[kcj½

Eg. He remained blissfully unaware of any plotting against him.

option (a) renowned ,oa (b) recognized factually wrong gSA

Renowned (Adj.) : famous and respected. ¼iz[;kr] ukeh½

Eg. a renowned author.

Structure :

Renowned as something –

Eg. It is renowned as one of the region’s best restaurants.

Renowned for something –

Eg. She is renowned for her patience.

Recognised (Adj.) : generally approved, provided with a secure reputation. ¼lEekfur] Lohd`r½

Eg. – a recognized authority.

option (d) unconfirmed red-herring gSA

Unconfirmed (Adj.) : that has not yet been proved to be true or confirmed. ¼viq"V½

Eg. Unconfirmed reports said that at least six people had been killed.

6. Sentence esa ‘Padmase’ ds ckjs esa crk;k tk jgk gS ftUgksus mathematician dh rjg dke fd;kA rFkk vkxs who (padamse) experimented with numerous medium vk;k gSA


option (a) Adversary – irrelevant gSA 

Adversary (N) : a person that somebody is opposed to and competing with in an argument or a battle. ¼izfr}Unh] fojks/kh½

Eg. The two of them were old adversaries.

Option (b) literary, adj. gS tcfd blank ls igys article ‘a’ rFkk adj. ‘true’ vk;k gS vr% ;gk¡ ,d Noun vk,xkA

vr% option (b) grammatically incorrect gSA

Literary (Adj.): connected with literature ¼lkfgfR;d½

Eg. Literary criticism/theory.

Grammar Point :

Article dk use ges’kk Noun ls igys rFkk Noun ds fy, use gksrk gSA vFkkZr~ ;fn fdlh sentence esa article vk;k gS rks mlds ckn noun dk vkuk compulsory gSA ;fn Noun dks qualify djus okyk adj. rFkk mls qualify djus okyk adv. Hkh ;fn present gks rks article dk placement muls igys gksxk ysfdu mldk use dsoy noun ds fy, gksrk gSA

Eg. a girl, a beautiful girl, a table, a beautiful designed table.

option (c) voluntary irrelevant gSA

Voluntary (N) : a piece of music played before, during or after a church service, usually on an organ. ¼laxhr½

option (d) visionary correct answer gSA

Visionary (Adj.) : original and showing the ability to think about or plan the future with great imagination and intelligence. ¼LoIun’khZ½

Eg. a visionary leader.

7. (a)

(a) He asked me if I attended the film festival at Goa every year. (b) He is asking me if I attended the film festival at Goa every year. (wrong use of reporting verb)

(c) He had asked me if I was attending the film festival at Goa every year. (wrong use of reporting verb and tense )

(d) He asks me if I attend the film festival at Goa every year. (wrong use of reporting verb and tense hasn’t been changed )

8. (d) A number of protestors were beaten by the police the night before.

Given Sentence past indefinite tense esa gSA bls active/passive esa change djus dk rule:

Active – Subject + V2nd + object.

Passive – object + was/were + V3rd + by + Subj.

9. (d) Angry about something

up in arms : protesting vigorously about something ¼dM++k fojks/k djuk½

Eg. Teachers are up in arms about new school tests.

10. (c) Provoke trouble

Stir up a hornet’s nest : Make trouble, cause a commotion. ¼cgqr lkjh leL;k,a [kM+h djuk½

Eg. Asking for an audit of the treasure’s books stirred up a hornet’s nest in the association.

11. (a) Redundant

Redundant (Adj.) : That which is no longer useful. ¼vuko’;d½

Eg. The picture has too much redundant details.

Abundant (Adj.) : Existing in large quantities; more than enough ¼izpqj ek=k½

Eg. Fish are abundant in lake.

Reluctant (Adj.): not willing to do something and therefore slow to do it. ¼vfuPNqd½

Eg. Many parents feel reluctant to talk openly with their children.

Dominant (Adj.): More important, strong, or noticeable than anything else of the same type. ¼izHkkoh] izcy½

12. (c)Authentic

Authentic (Adj.) : Something that is genuine; True and accurate ¼izkekf.kd½

Eg. An authentic account of life in the desert.

Majestic (Adj.) : impressive because of size or beauty ¼vkyh’kku] HkO;½

Eg. The Rockies are majestic in size.

Collocations :

A majestic castle/river/view

Majestic beauty/grandeur/mountain

Unreal (Adj.) : Not related to reality. ¼dkYifud] vlR;½

Eg. Many people have unreal expectations of what marriage will be like.

Academic (Adj.) : connected with education, especially, studying in schools and universities ¼’kS{kf.kd½

Eg. She had a brilliant academic career.

Collocations :

High/low academic standards

Academic institutions

Academic career/achievement

Academic freedom

13. (d) Declaration.

Assertion (N) – a statement saying that you strongly believe something to be true. ¼fu’p;kRed dFku] nkok½

Eg. He was correct in his assertion that the Minister had been lying

Declaration (N) – a written or spoken statement, especially about what people feel or believe. ¼?kks"k.kk] izdVu½

Eg. She had been waiting for him to make a declaration of love.

Rejection (N) : the act of refusing to accept, use, or believe someone or something. ¼vLohdj.k½

Eg. The government’s rejection of the plan is a setback for us.

Continuation (N) : the fact of continuing or a thing that continues or follows from something else. ¼fujarjrk½

Eg. The continuation of strike caused a lot of hardship.

 (N) : The activity in which people talk, about something and tell each other their ideas or opinions ¼ppkZ½

Eg. This discussion has raised many important issues.

14. (b)Deceit

Guile (N) : the use of clever but dishonest behavior in order to trick people. ¼Ny&diV] /kks[kk½

Eg. George was a man completely lacking in guile.

Deceit (N) : Dishonest behavior that is intended to make somebody believe something that is not true ¼/kks[ksckth] /kks[kk diV½

Eg. He was accused of lies and deceit.

Intuition (N) : the ability to know something by using your feelings rather than considering the facts. ¼varn`f"V] lgt Kku½

Eg. He was guided by intuition and personal judgement.

Surfeit (N) : an amount that is too large. ¼vkf/kD;½

Eg. Indigestion can be brought on by surfeit of rich food.

Sincerity (N) : the quality of showing or saying what you really think or feel. ¼fu"diVrk] bZekunkjh½

Eg. The sincerity of his beliefs is unquestionable.

15. (a) Neglect

Surveillance (N) : The act of carefully watching a person suspected of a crime or a place where a crime may be committed. ¼fuxjkuh] fujh{k.k½

Eg. The police are keeping the suspects under constant surveillance.

Neglect (N) : the fact of not giving enough care or attention to something/something; the state of not receiving enough care or attention. ¼ykijokgh] vlko/kkuh½

Eg. The buildings are crumbling from years of neglect.

Vigilance (N) : great care that is taken to notice any signs of danger or trouble. ¼fuxjkuh] pkSdlh½

Eg. She stressed the need for constant vigilance.

Attack (N) : an act of using violence to try to hurt or kill somebody. ¼izgkj½

Eg. Five people were killed in the attack that took place last night.

Endurance (N) : The ability to continue doing something painful or difficult for a long period of time without giving up. ¼lgu’kfDr] /khjt½

Eg. He showed remarkable endurance throughout his illness.

16. (d) Construct

Demolish (V) : to pull or knock down a building to destroy something ¼fxjkuk] uk’k djuk] rksM+uk½

Eg. The factory is due to be demolished next year.

Construct (V) : to build or make something such as a road, building or machine. ¼fuekZ.k djuk½

Eg. The building was constructed in 1993.

Obstruct (V) : to try to stop something from happening or developing ¼jksduk] ck/kk Mkyuk½

Eg. to obstruct a police investigation.

Abolish (V) : to officially end a Law, a system or an institution. ¼mUewyu djuk½

Eg. This tax should be abolished.

Cherish (V) : to love, protect, and care for someone or something that is important to you. ¼I;kj djuk] ykyu&ikyu djuk½

Eg. Although I cherish my children, I do allow them their independence.

17. (d) faithfuly

Correct spelling :- faithfully

Faithfully(Adv.) : In a way that shows true commitment ¼fu"BkiwoZd] fo’oluh;

Eg. He had supported the local team faithfully for 30 years.

Awfully (Adv.) : Very or extremely when used before an adjective or adverb; Extremely bad. ¼cgqr vR;f/kd] csdkj

Eg. I’m very awfully sorry, but we’ve forgotten to reserve you a table.

England played awfully throughout the game.

Unruly (Adj.): difficult to control or manage ¼vfu;af=r] minzoh½

Eg. An unruly class.

The police were attacked by an unruly mob.

Unruly (Adj.) : Mare than you think is reasonable or necessary. ¼vuqfpr jhfr ls] vuko’;d :Ik ls½

Eg. The levels of pollution in this area are unduly high.

18. (d) Sincearly

Correct spelling – Sincerely

Sincerely (adv.) : in a way that shows what you really feel or think about somebody/something. ¼lpeqp] fu"Bk ls½

Eg. I sincerely believe that this is the right decision.

Collocations :

Sincerely apologetic / sorry.

Sincerely apologize/appreciate.

Popularly(Adv.) : among the people ¼tulk/kkj.k }kjk] izflf) ls½

Eg. This topic is popularly discussed.

Beggarly (Adj.) : Marked by poverty befitting a beggar. ¼cgqr de vkSj lLrk½ 

Eg. a beggarly existence in the slums.

Jocularly (Adv.) : in a humorous way (gkL;iw.kZ

Eg. The remarks were delivered jocularly to the whole room.

19. (b) BCDA 

first sentence ;k introductory sentence ges’kk stand alone sentence gksrk gSA tks fdlh event/subject/person etc. dks introduce djrk gSA ‘B’ esa ‘The secret life of frogs’ uked film dks introduce fd;k x;k gS ftl ij vkxs arguments fn, x, gSA

vr% sequence ‘B’ ls start gksxhA

‘D’ esa unique species of frogs ….. vk;k gS rFkk ‘A’ esa muesa ls the most well-known among them – the purple frog vk;k gSA

D – A esa Neon link gSA

vr% option (b) BCDA correct answer gSA

20. (c) DACB

‘C’ esa specific driving skills vk;k gS rFkk ‘B’ esa bu skills dks further explain fd;k x;k gS fd Each of these specific skills…… C o B esa specific skills common factor gSA vr% C – B Neon link gS tks fd dsoy ,d option (c) DACB esa gSA

21. Blank space ds ckn Noun (usage) vk;k gSA vr% blls igys Noun dks qualify djus okyk adjective vk,xkA

Option (c) Exceedingly ¼cgqrk;r ls½ adverb gS rFkk option (a) Exceeding o option (d) Exceed ¼c<+uk] lhek ikj djuk½ verb gSA 

vr% rhuks options grammatically incorrect gSA option (b) excessive (adjective) ;gk¡ correct answer gSA

Excessive – use dk collocation Hkh gksrk gSA

Excessive(Adj.) : greater than what seems reasonable or appropriate ¼vko’;drk ls vf/kd½

Eg. Excessive drinking can lead to stomach disorders.

vFkkZr~ smartphones dk vko’;drk ls vf/kd usage, human behavior dks impact dj jgk gSA

22. Blank space ds ckn verb (think) vk;k gS vr% blls igys adverb vk,xkA

Option (a) series ¼J`a[kyk½ o (b) Seriousness ¼lathnxh½ Noun gS rFkk option (d) serious ¼lathnk] xaHkhj½ adjective gSA vr% ;s rhuksa options grammatically incorrect gSA

vr% option (c) seriously (adverb) correct answer gSA

Seriously (Adv.) : in a serious way ¼xaHkhjrk ls½

Eg. They are seriously concerned about security.


To be seriously ill/injured/wounded/hurt.

Seriously damaged.

Think seriously

Seriously wrong.

Seriously consider

23. ;gk¡ The virtual word………. vk,xkA

Article ‘a’ o ‘any’ fdlh random noun ds fy, use fd;k tkrk gS tks specific uk gksA ;k tks igys Introduced uk gksA

Eg. Any student can take part in this competition.

vr% option (b) o (c) irrelevant gSA tcfd ;gk¡ World specific gSA rFkk ‘World’ ds lkFk generally article ‘the’ dk use fd;k tkrk gSA vr% option (a) the correct answer gSA

;gk¡ ‘world’ dk vFkZ gS & Everything that exists of a particular kind; a particular kind of life or existence rFkk ;g usually singular and ,d adj. ds lkFk use gksrk gSA

Eg. The natural world. (= animal, plants, minerals, etc.)

They are a couple in the real world as well as in the movie.

Collocations :

The natural world.

The real world

The physical/material world.

option (d) many grammatically incorrect gSA D;ksafd many ds ckn plural noun vkrk gS tcfd ;gk¡ ‘world’ singular gSA

24. ;gk¡ purpose show gks jgk gS fd Vivo ds Global Brand Director us lHkh smartphone users ls ,d step backward ysus rFkk fopkj djus ds fy, dgkA

vr% ;gk¡ Infinitive to + V1st dk use gksxkA

vr% option (a) to take correct answer gSA

ckfd lHkh options grammatically incorrect gSA

Grammar Point :

Sometimes ‘to’ ds ckn gerund dk Hkh use gksrk gSA

be used to, look forward to, prone to, accustomed to, more to, near to, object to, opposed to, own up to, prior to, refer to, resort to, stick to, take to, the key to, the secret to, turn to, with a view to, with regard to, the trick to, what do you say to, when it comes to etc. ds ckn gerund dk use gksrk gSA

Eg. There’s more to dancing than you might think.

My wife objects to my smoking.

She owned up to stealing the money.

It’s quite tough to stick to learning a language.

When it comes to cooking, he’s exceptional.

25. Switch off/ on/ switch something on / off –

To turn a light, machine, etc. off/on by pressing a button or switch ¼fLop [email protected] djuk½

Eg. Please switch the lights off as you leave.

How do you switch this thing on?

pwafd passage esa smartphones ds excessive use ds uqdlku dh ckr dh xbZ gS rFkk forward reading ls and pledge to be nearer and closer to our loved ones.

vr% option (a) switch off correct answer gSA

option (b) factually wrong gSA

option (c) switch over irrelevant gSA

switch over/switch something over –

to change stations on a radio or television. ¼jsfM;ks ;k television esa stations/cnyuk½

switch – up dksbZ structure ugha gksrk gSA