Last Minute Preparation Tips for SSC CGL 2018

Last Minute Preparation Tips for SSC CGL 2018

SSC CGL exam consists of 2 parts for most posts – Quantitative Aptitude and English Language. Quantitative Aptitude Paper has 100 questions worth 200 marks (2 marks per Question) that you have to solve within 2 hours. Meanwhile, for the English paper, you will have to answer 200 questions for one score each within 2 hours. For every wrong answer, you lose 0.50 marks in Quants and 0.25 in English paper. If you appear for 3rd and 4th paper, you need to take a look at the exam pattern to stay away from confusion in various sections.You should know the format of a Formal letter, Informal letter, Precis writing and Essay very well because there are marks for the correct size as well. Word limit is fundamental because if you exceed the word limit, then there are chances of your paper not getting evaluated.

Best Tricks for Sentence Improvement asked in SSC CGL Mains 2017 (Part-4) by Manisha Bansal Ma'am

Sometimes the invigilator in your classroom talks on the mobile phone, and you get disturbed. Your exam needs concentration and does not allow someone to spoil it.

Do not write everything in your paper, include only the essential points which are relevant to the topic asked.

Reach at your exam centre 20-30 minutes earlier to the time because if you get late, you get panic and sometimes it can spoil your exam.

Close your books now and don't forget to take proper sleep.