Fill in the Blanks English - Practice Test for SSC Bank

Fill in the Blanks English - Practice Test for SSC Bank

Fill in the Blanks CHSL-2020

Direction: Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.

Q.1. I should have stopped them then and there. But it never even ________ to me that I should.

(a) suggested (b) occurred

(c) happened (d) reminded

(SSC CHSL 2020, 12.04.2021 Shift-1)

Sol. (b) Occurred

    ;gkW occurred lgh answer gksxkA occurred dk vFkZ gksrk gS (of an idea and a thought ) to come into your mind (fdlh fopkj dk eu esa vkuk)A Sentence esa fdlh dks jksdus dh ckr dgh x;h ysfdu mUgsa jksdus dk fopkj mlds eu esa ugh vk;k blfy, occurred lgh answer gksxk ,oa blank space ds ckn preposition ‘to’ dk use gqvk gSA ,oa occur vius lkFk ‘to’ preposition ysrk gSA

Structure: Occur to somebody

Eg. It didn't occur to him that he might be wrong.

Suggest (V) : to put an idea into somebody’s mind; to make somebody think that something is true (dksbZ lq>ko nsuk)

Eg. It was he who first suggested the idea

happen (V) : to take place, especially without being planned (dqN ?kfVr gks tkuk)

Eg. A lot hand happened in the last few months.

Remind (V): ?to help somebody remember something, especially something important that they must do (fdlh dks dqN ;kn fnykuk)

Structure : remind somebody/yourself to do something

Eg. Can you remind me to buy a bottle of Martini?

Q.2. __________ of adulterated food stuff being sold in the market.

(a) Wary (b) Beware (c) Cautious (d) Aware

(SSC CHSL 2020, 12.04.2021 Shift-1)

Sol. (b) Beware

Adulterated means feykoVh vr% ;g Sentence gesa fdlh feykoVh [kkus ls lko/kku jgus ds fy, cksy jgk gSA ;g imperative sentence gS ,o imperative sentence dh starting verb ls gksrh gSA a ftlds fy, Beware lgh word gksxk ftldk eryc gS fdlh [krjs ;k fjLd ls lko/kku jgukA ckdh lHkh options wary, cautious, aware dk parts of speech adjective gSaA

Beware (V): to take care of (lko/kku gksuk)

Eg. Beware of adulterated food stuff being sold in the market.

Motorists have been warned to beware of icy roads.

Wary (Adj.): careful when dealing with somebody/something because you think that there may be a danger or problem (fdlh O;fDr ;k oLrq ds izfr Hk; ds dkj.k lko/kku jguk)

Eg. She expected joy at the offer but felt wary instead.

cautious (Adj.): being careful about what you say or do, especially to avoid danger or mistakes; not taking any risks (fdlh lHkkfor [krjs ;k ijs’kkuh ls lko/kku jguk)

Eg. He was cautious when he was riding the bicycle.

Aware (Adj.) : interested in and knowing about something, and thinking it is important (fdlh ckr dk tkudkj ;k lpsr)

Eg. Everybody is aware of the hazards of smoking.

Q.3. She was greatly _________ by the nightmare she had.

(a) trembled (b) perturbed

(c) dreaded (d) feared

(SSC CHSL 2020, 12.04.2021 Shift-2)

Sol. (b) Perturbed

;gkW Perturbed lgh answer gksxk ftldk vFkZ gksrk gS fdlh dks fpafrr ;k ijs’kku dj nsukA D;ksafd fn, x, Sentence esa og nightmare ls fpafrr gks x;h FkhA

Perturbed (Adj.) : worried or anxious (v’kkar , O;kdqy)

Eg. She didn't seem perturbed at the change of plan.

Trembled(V): to shake in a way that you cannot control, especially because you are very nervous, excited, frightened, etc. (fdlh Mj ;k B.M ls dkWiuk)

Eg. Her body trembled from fever.

dread(V) : to be very afraid of something; to fear that something bad is going to happen (fdlh ckr dks ysdj Hk;Hkhr ;k fpafrr gksuk)

Eg. Dreaded the darkness and loved the wood fire.

Fear(V) : to feel that something bad might have happened or might happen in the future (fdlh ckr ;k dke ls Mjuk)

Eg. They feared to speak.

Q.4. Shekhar Gupta is one of the ___________ journalists of India.

(a) exponent (b) pertinent (c) eminent (d) imminent

(SSC CHSL 2020, 12.04.2021 Shift-2)

Sol. (c) Eminent

According to the meaning of the sentence eminent word dk use lgh gS ftldk vFkZ gksrk gS famous and Important vr% option (c) correct answer gSA

Eminent (Adj.) : (of people) famous and respected, especially in a particular profession (izfl) , iz[;kr)

Exponent (N) : a person who supports an idea, theory, etc. and

persuades others that it is good (izfriknd , izfrfuf/k)

Eg. Gandhi was an exponent of non-violent protest.

Pertinent (Adj.) : appropriate to a particular situation . (mi;qDr)

Eg. The interviewer will expect to answer pertinent questions.

Imminent (Adj.) : (especially of something unpleasant) likely to happen very soon (fudVLFk)

Eg. The system is in imminent danger of collapse.

Q.5. Have you checked if we have _______ information about the location?

(a) insufficient (b) inadequate

(c) profuse (d) sufficient

(SSC CHSL 2020, 12.04.2021 Shift-3)

Sol. (d) Sufficient

The most appropriate option is sufficient . fn;k x;k sentence ;g tkuuk pkgrk gS fd nh xbZ information i;kZIr gS ;k ugh sufficient means enough (Ik;kZIr)

Eg. This recipe should be sufficient for five people.

Option (a) insufficient and option (b) inadequate factually wronggSA

Insufficient (Adj.) : not large, strong or important enough for a particular purpose .(vi;kZIr)

Eg. The students complained that they were given insufficient time for the test.

Inadequate (Adj.) : not good enough (vi;kZIr] v;ksX;)

Eg. Her brother’s success and popularity always made her fell inadequate.

Profuse (Adj.) : given or produced in great quantity (vR;f/kd ek=k esa] izpqj)

Eg. He breaks out into profuse sweats and may vomit.

Q.6. This training programme for students will help the ___________ understand the different methods of communication.

(a) participants (b) critics

(c) trainers (d) organizers

(SSC CHSL 2020, 12.04.2021 Shift-3)

Sol. (a) Participants

fn;s x;s Sentence esa fdlh Training programme ds gksus fd ckr dgh xbZ gS tks fd mudks help djsxk tks mlesa participate djasxsA blfy, participants lgh answer gksxkA

Participants (N) : a person who is taking part in an activity or event .(Hkkx ysus okyk)

Eg. She had been a willing participant.

Critics (N) : a person who expresses dislike of somebody/something and talks about their bad qualities, especially publicly.(vkykspd)

Eg. She has become one of the ruling party's most outspoken critics.

Trainer (N) : a person who teaches people or animals to perform a particular job or skill well, or to do a particular sport.(izf’k{kd)

Eg. Teacher trainers

Her trainer had decided she shouldn't run in the race.

Organizer (N) : a person who makes the arrangements for something.(vk;kstd)

Eg. The race organizers hope to raise money for charity.

Q.7. As far as he is_________ he will love to attend the party.

(a) interested (b) confined

(c) concerned (d) anxious

(SSC CHSL 2020, 13.04.2021 Shift-1)

Sol. (c) Concerned

As far as he is concerned ,d phrase gS ftldk vFkZ gS (tgka rd fdlh O;fDr dh jk;/ opinion dh ckr dh tk,s)gksrk gSA D;ksafd fn;s x;s sentence esa O;fDr [kqn dh jk; (opinion) crk jgk gS blfy, concerned ,d appropriate answer gksxkA

Concerned (Adj.) : worried and feeling concern about something/somebody.(fpafrr)

Eg. I don’t know where jack picked up larkin, but he can send her back as far as I’m concerned.

Interested (Adj.) : showing interest in something and finding it exciting . (fdlh O;fDr ;k oLrq ds fo"k; esa vfHk:fp gksuk)

Eg. He is very much interested in English.

Confined (Adj.) : ?(of a space or an area) small and surrounded by walls or sides . (LFkku tks NksVk gks)

Eg. She gets uncomfortable in confined spaces.

Anxious (Adj.) : worried or nervous .(fpafrr ;k Mjk gqvk)

Eg. 1 began to get anxious when they still hadn’t arrived at 9 o’clock.

Q.8. She made an ___________ to break the record for long jump.

(a) attempt (b) exercise (c) intention (d) attack

(SSC CHSL 2020, 13.04.2021 Shift-1)

Sol. (a) Attempt

Made an attempt ,d idiom gS ftldk vFkZ gS to try (iz;kl djuk)

fn;s x;s sentence esa ,d fjdkWMZ rksM+us dh dksf’k’k dh gS ftlds fy, made an attempt ,d appropriate answer gksxkA

Make an attempt : to try (dksf’k’k djuk)

Eg. We both made an attempt to be friendly despite recent arguments.

Exercise (N) : physical or mental activity that you do to stay healthy or become stronger.(O;k;ke,esgur)

Eg. The doctor advised him to take regular exercise.

Intention (N) : what somebody intends or means to do, a plan or purpose. (ea’kk , bjknk)

Eg. It was my intention to rule.

Attack (N) : an act of using violence to try to hurt or kill somebody .(vkØe.k geyk)

Eg. Five people were killed in the attacks that took place last night.

Q.9. He was not ready at first to come with us for the picnic but ________ him.

(a) persuaded (b) isolated

(c) controlled (d) consulted

(SSC CHSL 2020, 13.04.2021 Shift-2)

Sol. (a) Persuaded

fn;s x;s sentence ls irk pyrk gS fd og igys picnic ij tkus ds fy, ready ugh Fkk blfy, mls le>k;k x;k dh mls D;ks pyuk pkfg, blfy, persuaded ,d appropriate answer gksxkA

Persuaded (V) : to make somebody do something by giving him/her good reasons.

Structure :

persuade somebody to do something

Eg. Try to persuade him to come.

persuade somebody to do something

Eg. Try to persuade him to come.

Isolated (V) : to separate somebody/something physically or socially from other people or things .(,dkdh jguk , vyx djuk)

Structure :

isolate somebody/yourself/something

Eg. Patients with the disease should be isolated.

controlled (V) : to have power over a person, company, country, etc. so that you are able to decide what they must do or how it is run . (fdlh ij fu;a=.k j[kuk)

Eg. Large areas of the city were controlled by the mafia.

Consulted (V) : to go to somebody for information or advice (fopkj&foe’kZ ;k fdlh ls ckrphr djuk)

Eg. Vivek consulted with his brothers before selling the family business.

Q.10. Courts help in the resolution of ___________ issues.

(a) presumptuous (b) contentious

(c) conscientious (d) contemptuous

(SSC CHSL 2020, 13.04.2021 Shift-2)

Sol. (b) Contentious

Court dk dke gksrk gS fdlh fooknkLin ekeys dks solve djuk blfy, contentious ,d appropriate answer gksxkA

Contentious issue dk collocation Hkh gksrk gSA

Contentious (Adj.) : likely to cause argument and disagreement (fooknxzLr] fooknkLin)

Eg. Both views are highly contentious.

Presumptuous (Adj.) : too confident, in a way that shows a lack of respect for other people. (vfHkeku] vD[kM+)

Eg. The mom seemed too presumptuous to be a humble leader for the nation, so he was not elected.

Conscientious (Adj.) : taking care to do things carefully and correctly (bZekunkj] drZO;fu"B)

Eg. She was a popular and conscientious teacher.

Contemptuous (Adj.) : feeling or showing that you have no respect for somebody/something (frjLdkjiw.kZ)

Eg. She gave him a Contemptuous look .

Q.11. During the tsunami, my family took __________ in a guest house on the hill.

(a) retreat (b) harbour (c) refuge (d) protection

(SSC CHSL 2020, 13.04.2021 Shift-3)

Sol. (c) Refuge

fn;s x;s Question esa tsunami esa family dks hill ij Guest house esa lqjf{kr igqpkus dh ckr dgh xbZ gS ftlds fy, Refuge ,d appropriate answer gksxkA

Refuge (N) : shelter or protection from danger, trouble, etc. (’kj.k)

Eg. A further 300 people have taken refuge in the US embassy. Retreat (V) : to move away from a place or an enemy because you are in danger or because you have been defeated . (ihNs] gVuk] ,dkarokl esa pys tkuk)

Eg. We retreated back down the mountain.

Harbour (V) : to hide and protect somebody who is hiding from the police. (cqjs O;fDr dks fNik dj j[kuk ;k cpkuk] 'kj.k nsuk)

Eg. Police believe someone must be harbouring the killer.

Protection (N) : the act of protecting somebody/something; the state of being protected .(lqj{kk] fgQktr)

Eg. Vaccination gives protection against diseases

Q.12. Can you please ___________ me in sorting out these files on my computer?

(a) assist (b) abet (c) connive (d) hinder

(SSC CHSL 2020, 13.04.2021 Shift-3)

Sol. (a) Assist

fn;s x;s Sentence esa Files dks short out djus ds mls help pkfg, ftlds fy, Assist ,d appropriate word gSA

Assist (V) : to help somebody to do something. (lgk;rk djuk)

Eg. Another doctor assisted him with the operation.

Abet (V) : encourage or assist someone to commit a crime (fdlh dks dqN xyr djus djus ds fy, izksRlkfgr ;k lgk;rk djuk)

Eg. He was abetted in these illegal activities by his wife.

Connive (V) : to work together with somebody to do something wrong or illegal . (xyr dke dh vuns[kh djuk)

Eg. Some policeman connive at gambling.

Hinder (V) : to make it difficult for somebody to do something or for something to happen .(ck/kk Mkyuk)

Eg. Some teachers felt hindered by a lack of resources.

Q.13. The experience of having climbed to the Mt. Everest changes you ___________.

(a) rarely (b) completely

(c) regularly (d) frequently

(SSC CHSL 2020, 15.04.2021 Shift-1)

Sol. (b) Completely

fn;k x;k setnece ,sls vuqHko ds ckjs esa dg jgk gS tks ges cgqr gn cny nsrk gS ftlds fy, completely ,d appropriate word gksxkA

Completely (Adv.) : in every way possible; in every part. (lEiw.kZ :Ik ls)

Eg. My car was completely wrecked in the accident.

Rarely (Adv.) : not often, seldom (izk;%, dHkh & dHkh)

Eg. They rarely spoke of their future life.

Regularly (Adv.) : in an even or balanced way (fu;fer :Ik ls ;k fu;fer vrjky ij)

Eg. The plants were spaced regularly, about 50 cm apart.

Frequently (Adv.) : Regularly or habitually, often (fu;fer :Ik ls ;k vknru] vDlj)

Eg. Martha and betsy spoke frequently on the phone.

Q.14. These days you can transfer money __________ from one account to another.

(a) instantly (b) heavily (c) publicly (d) Clearly

(SSC CHSL 2020, 15.04.2021 Shift-1)

Sol. (a) instantly

fn;s x;s Sentence ls ckr gksrk gS fd money ds ,d Account ls nqljs Account esa transfer gksus dh ckr dgh x;h gS ftlds fy, Instantly ,d appropriate word gS D;ksafd vktdy iSlk rqjar ,d Account ls nqljs Account esa transfer gks tkrk gSA

Instantly (Adv.) : without delay, immediately (fcuk nsjh ds ;k rqjar)

Eg. Tom was killed instantly when the bomb he was trying to defuse exploded.

Heavily (Adv.) : to a great degree; in large amounts (vR;f/kd Hkkjhiu ls)

Eg. She has been heavily criticized in the press.

Publicly (Adv.) : to people in general; for everyone to hear (lkoZtfud :Ik ls] [kqysvke)

Eg. This information is not publicly available.

Clearly (Adv.) : in a way that is easy to see or hear (lkQ] Li"B ;k lqcks/k :Ik ls)

Eg. It was so foggy that we couldn’t see the road clearly.

Q.15. Courts are _________ of the Constitution as they are expected to see that it is always respected.

(a) sentinels (b) masters (c) leaders (d) dictators

(SSC CHSL 2020, 15.04.2021 Shift-2)

Sol. (a) Sentinels

fn;s x, Sentence esa court dks constitution dk j{kd crk;s tkus dh ckr gq;h gS ftlds fy, Sentinels ,d appropriate word gSA

Sentinels ? (N) : a soldier whose job is to guard something (j{kd)

Eg. They looked like two seated sentinels guarding the castile gate.

Masters (N) : a person who is able to control something . (fdlh ij fu;a=.k LFkkfir djuk)

Eg. They lived in fear of their master.

Leader (N) : a person who leads a group of people , especially the head of a country, an organization, etc. (usrk, vf/kuk;d)

Eg. Virat is the leader of indian cricket team.

Dictators (N) : one who rules the country by force (rkuk’kkg)

Eg. The dictator took control of the country in 1933.

Q.16. According to Soli Sorabjee, listening to cases being argued in court can be __________ but there are lighter moments too.

(a) lively (b) tedious (c) fun (d) entertaining

(SSC CHSL 2020, 15.04.2021 Shift-2)

Sol. (b) Tedious

fn;s x;s Sentence esa but dk use gqvk gS ,oa but contradiction dks show djrk gSA sentence es ,d rjQ og lighter moment okys case dh ckr dj jgk gS rks nwljh rjQ mckÅ vkSj yEcs Hkk"k.k dh ckr gks ldrh gSA blfy, ‘tedious’ ,d appropriate answer gksxkA

Tedious (Adj.) : boring and lasting for a long time (mckÅ vksj yEck)

Eg. This method is very tedious in detail.

lively (Adj.) : full of energy, interest, excitement etc. :fp] jksekap vkfn ls Hkjiwj] ftankfny

Eg. He showed a lively interest in politics.

Fun (N) : pleasure and enjoyment (ekSt&eLrh)

Eg. We had a lot of fun at the party last night.

Entertaining (Adj.) : interesting and amusing (jkspd vkSj euksjatd)

Eg. Mr. Clemens told us many entertaining stories, and made us laugh till we cried.

Q.17. You are ______________ responsible for this condition.

(a) itself (b) myself (c) yourself (d) themselves

(SSC CHSL 2020, 15.04.2021 Shift-3)

Sol. (c) yourself

You dk Reflexive pronoun yourself gksrk gSA vr% yourself lgh answer gksxkA


Reflexive Pronoun

























Q.18. All the _____________ candidates who take the test will receive scorecards.

(a) legible (b) illegible (c) entitled (d) eligible

(SSC CHSL 2020, 15.04.2021 Shift-3)

Sol. (d) Eligible

fn;s x;s options esa ls eligible ,d appropriate answer gksxkA ckdh lHkh options irrelevant gSA

Eligible (Adj.) : a person who is eligible for something or to do something, is able to have or do it because they have the right qualifications, are the right age, etc.(mi;qDr)

Eg. You are not considered eligible for legal aid.

Legible (Adj.) : that is clear enough to be read easily (bruk lkQ dh i<+us esa vklkuh gks] lqikB~;)

Eg. His handwriting was neat and legible

Illegible (Adj.) : Difficult or impossible to read (ftls i<+uk dfBu ;k vlEHko gks] vikB~;)

Eg. Your handwriting is quite illegible.

Entitled (Adj.) : having the right or permission to do something. (vf/kdkjh)

Eg. They are entitled to travel first class.

Q.19. The craze for taking selfies has only increased our _________ with our own image.

(a) possession (b) obsession

(c) expression (d) impression

(SSC CHSL 2020, 16.04.2021 Shift-1)

Sol. (b) Obsession

fn;k x;k sentence ;s crk jgk gS fd selfies ysus dk craze gesa [kqn ds ckjs esa T;knk lkspus dh ekufld fLFkfr iSnk djrk gS ftlds fy, obsession lgh word gSA

Obsession (N) : a person or thing that you think about too much (tquwu)

Eg. Her fear of flying is bordering on obsession.

Possession (N) : something that you have or own (LokfeRo)

Eg. That camera is tom’s most prized possession,

Expression (N) : something that you say that shows your opinions or feelings .(fopkjksa ;k Hkkoukvksa dh vfHkO;fDr)

Eg. Freedom of expression is a basic human right.

Impression (N) : the effect that a person or thing produces on somebody else (vlj , izHkko)

Eg. Her kindness left a lasting impression on her students.

Q.20. People have overcome poverty, drug addiction, abuse, divorce, mental illness, and virtually every _________ known to man.

(a) Dispute (b) Defiance (c) Challenge (d) Objection

(SSC CHSL 2020, 16.04.2021 Shift-1)

Sol. (c) Challenge

fn;s x;s Sentence esa crk;k x;k gS fd yksxksa us poverty, drug addiction, abuse etc. tSlh problems dks overcome dj fy;k gS tks fd ,d challenge gh Fkk blfy, challenge ,d appropriate answer gksxkA

Challenge (N) : something new and difficult that forces you to make a lot of effort (pqukSrh)

Eg. The company will have to face many challenges in the coming months.

Dispute (N) : a disagreement or argument about something (fookn ;k cgl] >xM+k)

Eg. The actor had a dispute with his director.

Defiance (N) : open refusal to obey somebody/something (fdlh dk vkns’k ekuus ls lkQ budkj djuk)

Eg. She wanted him to stay, but he left defiance of her wishes.

Objection (N) : a reason why you don’t like or are against somebody/something .(fojks/k , vlEefr)

Eg. He has a strong objection to getting up so early.

Q.21. If our product does not meet your ___________, we will refund your payment in full.

(a) requirements (b) principles

(c) procurements (d) advertisement

(SSC CHSL 2020, 16.04.2021 Shift-2)

Sol. (a) Requirement

fn;s x;s Sentence ls Kkr gks jgk gS fd vxj Product t:jr ds fglkc ls uk gks rks iSls okil dj fn;s tk;saxsA ftlds fy, Requirement ,d appropriate option gksxkA

Requirement (N) : something that you need or that you must do or have (vis{kk] t:jr] ekWx)

Eg. The minimum requirement for the post was a degree in engineering.

Principle (N) : a basic general law, rule or idea (lkekU; fl)kar] fu;e vkSj fopkj)

Eg. He refused to compromise his principles.

Procurement (N) : the action of obtaining or procuring something (dqN izkIr djus ds fØ;k)

Eg. She has responsibility for the procurement of equipment in the company.

Advertisement (N) : a notice, picture or film telling people about a product, job or service . (foKkiu ;k lkoZtfud lwpuk)

Eg. The advertisement will appear in three magazines.

Q.22. There is an __________ in the advertising company for a copy writer.

(a) occasion (b) opening (c) instance (d) incidence

(SSC CHSL 2020, 16.04.2021 Shift-2)

Sol. (b) Opening

Opening (N) : a job that is available.(ukSdjh)

Eg. There are several openings in the sales department .

Occasion (N) : a particular time when something happens (volj] ekSdk)

Eg. The wedding was a very grand occasion.

Instance (N) : a particular situation, event or fact especially an example of something that happen generally. (mnkgj.k,?kVuk)

Eg. Students described many instance of cheating.

Incidence (N) : an event on which something happens

Eg. This area has high incidence of crime.(?kVuk)

Q.23. The team leader asked for a __________ report to be given, in not more than one page.

(a) complex (b) compound

(c) curt (d) concise

(SSC CHSL 2020, 16.04.2021 Shift-3)

Sol. (d) Concise

fn;s x;s Sentence esa Concise ,d appropriate answer gS D;ksafd Team leader ,slh report ekax jgk gS ,d ist ls vf/kd uk gks vFkkZr laf{kIr esa gks blfy, concise lgh answer gksxkA

Concise (Adj.) : giving a lot of information in a few words; summary. (de 'kCnks esa dkQh lwpuk nsuk] laf{kIr)

Eg. His arguments were concise, simple and clear.

Complex (Adj.) : difficult to understand; complicated (isphnk] tfVy)

Eg. The question of who is legally responsible is a complex issue.

Compound (Adj.) : formed of two or more parts .(nks ;k vf/kd inkFkksZ dk lfEeJ.k)

Eg. A compound sentence contain two or more clauses.

curt (Adj.) : appearing rude because very few words are used, or because something is done in a very quick way .(lf{kIr vkSj :[kk)

Eg. She gave him a curt reply and slammed the phone down.


Q.24. I am sorry to __________ on you at this late hour.

(a) intrude (b) interrupt (c) interfere (d) instruct

(SSC CHSL 2020, 16.04.2021 Shift-3)

Sol. (a) Intrude

fn;s x;s sentence es blank space ds ckn preposition ‘on’ given gSA ,oa intrude vius lkFk on/upon/into preposition ysrk gSA vr% option (a) intrude correct answer gSA

Intrude (V) : to enter a place or situation without permission or when you are not wanted (?kqliSB djuk] vukf/kdkj izos’k djuk)

Eg. We should not intrude upon their private grief.

Interrupt (V) : to stop the progress .(:dkoV gksuk, n[ky nsuk)

Eg. The war interrupted the trade between the two countries.

Interfere (V) : to get involved in a situation which does not involve you and where you are not wanted (n[ky nsuk] gLr{ksi djuk)

Eg. I never interfere in his business.

Instruct (V) : to give an order to somebody (vkns’k nsuk ,funsZ’k nsuk)

Eg. The doctor instructed me to go on a diet.

Q.25. We admit students with ______________ academic backgrounds like life sciences, physical sciences, and business and commerce.

(a) simple (b) similar (c) same (d) diverse

(SSC CHSL 2020, 19.04.2021 Shift-1)

Sol. (d) Diverse

fn;s x;s sentence esa mu students dks admit djus dh ckr dgh x;h gS tks different academic backgrounds ls gks ftlds fy, diverse ,d appropriate answer gksxkA

Diverse (Adj.) : showing a great deal of variety, different .(fHkUu- fHkUu)

Eg. People from diverse cultures were invited to the event.

Simple (Adj.) : easy to understand, not difficult or complicated. (vklku,ljy)

Eg. Let’s start with something simple.

Similar (Adj.) : like somebody/something but not exactly the same (fdlh ds leku ysfdu iw.kZr og ugh)

Eg. He is similar to his father.

Same (Adj.) : exactly like the one already mentioned (iw.kZr;k leku)

Eg. She feeds her dog the same thing that she eats.

Q.26. Please complete the short questionnaire __________ and return it to us.

(a) excluded (b) attached

(c) concluded (d) separated

(SSC CHSL 2020, 19.04.2021 Shift-1)

Sol. (b) attached

fn;s x;s Sentence esa iz’uksa dh lqph ds ckjs esa ckr gq;h gS ftUgs okil (return) djuk gS ftlds fy, attached most appropriate gSA

Attached (Adj.) : connected to something .(tqMk gksuk)

Exclude (V) : to deliberately not include something in what you are doing or considering .(NksM+ nsuk] 'kkfey u djuk)

Eg. They decided to exclude him from their circle.

Conclude (V) : to decide or believe something as a result of what you have heard or seen .(lekIr djuk ;k lekIr gksuk)

Eg. The meeting concluded at 8 o’clock

Separate (V) : to divide into different parts or groups; to divide things into different parts or groups .(vyx gks tkuk)

Eg. A civil war separated the two sides.

Q.27. Of all the emotions that _____________ through me as I stood on the summit of Everest, the dominant one, I think, was humility.

(a) surged (b) heaved (c) pitched (d) slammed

(SSC CHSL 2020, 19.04.2021 Shift-2)

Sol. (a) Surged

Given sentence es blank apace ds ckn preposition ‘through’ gSA ,oa surged vius lkFk through preposition ysrk gSA vr% answer option (a) surged gSA

Surge (V) : to fill somebody with a strong feeling .()

Eg. The gates opened and the crowd surged forward.

Heave (V) : to rise up and down with strong, regular movements.(mBkuk)

Eg. The boat heaved beneath them.

Pitch (V) : to set something at a particular level.(fLFkj djuk)

Eg. They have pitched their prices too high.

Slam (V) : to criticize somebody/something very strongly; to put, push or throw something into a particular place or position with a lot of force.(tksj ls can djuk, vkykspuk djuk)

Eg. She slammed down the phone angrily.

The government has been slammed for failing to take firm action against drinking and driving.

Q.28. We had our time of peace and goodwill, a time I will __________ as long as I live.

(a) care (b) think (c) esteem (d) cherish

(SSC CHSL 2020, 19.04.2021 Shift-2)

Sol. (d) cherish

Given sentence es cherish word most suitable gS D;ksfd og person (I) ml time dks ges’kk ;kn j[ksxk tks mlus 'kkafr ls fcrk;s Fks ftlds fy, cherish appropriate answer gksxkA

Cherish (V) : to keep an idea, a hope or a pleasant feeling in your mind for a long time.(latksuk)

Eg. He cherishes the hope that one day they will meet again.

Care (V) : to like or love somebody and worry about what happens to them .(ijokg djuk)

Eg. They care an awful lot about each other.

Think (V) : to use your mind to consider something, to form connected ideas, to try to solve problems, etc.(lkspuk, fopkj djuk)

Eg. Are animals able to think?

Esteem (V) : to respect and admire somebody/something very much .(lEeku djuk)

Eg. Many of these qualities are esteemed by managers.

Q.29. For each question, four _____________ are given as options.

(a) alterations (b) alternatives

(c) alternates (d) altercations

(SSC CHSL 2020, 19.04.2021 Shift-3)

Sol. (b) Alternatives

Given sentence 4 options es ls ,d select djus dh ckr dj jgk gSA ftlds fy, alternatives correct answer gksxkA

Alternative (N) : a thing that you can choose to do or have out of two or more possibilities.(fodYi)

Eg. The car is too expensive so we're trying to find a cheaper alternative.

Alternation (N) : the fact of two things following one after the other in a repeated pattern.(vny-cny)

Eg. the alternation of day and night.

Alternate (Adj.) : happening or following one after the other regularly.(,dkUrj)

Eg. alternate layers of fruit and cream.

Altercation (N) : a noisy argument or disagreement.(fookn)

Eg. A youth became involved in an altercation with a police officer over a parking ticket.

Q.30. During her vacation, Shanta ____________ her mother when she went to work in the mall.

(a) abandoned (b) accompanied

(c) associated (d) isolated

(SSC CHSL 2020, 19.04.2021 Shift-3)

Sol. (b) Accompanied

pwafd shanta vacation ij viuh mother ds lkFk tk jgh gSA ftlds fy, accompanied most appropriate answer gSA ckfd lHkh options irrelevant gSA

Accompany (V) : to travel or go somewhere with somebody/something.(lkFk nsuk)

Eg. His wife accompanied him on the trip.

Abandon (V) : to leave a thing or place, especially because it is impossible or dangerous to stay.(R;kx nsuk)

Eg. Snow forced many drivers to abandon their vehicles.

Associate (V) : to make a connection between people or things in your mind.(lfEefyr djuk)

Eg. He is closely associated in the public mind with horror movies.

Isolate (V) : to separate somebody/something physically or socially from other people or things.(i`Fkd djuk)

Eg. Patients with the disease should be isolated.

Q.31. It is claimed that if you take a certain homeopathic medicine, it will _______________ you against the corona virus.

(a) shelter (b) immune (c) reinforce (d) fortify

(SSC CHSL 2020, 04.08.2021 Shift-1)

Sol. (d) Fortify

Given sentence dk Hkko gS fd homeopathic medicine ysus ls corona virus ds f[kykQ etcwrh vk;sxhA ftlds fy, fortify appropriate answer gSA

Fortify (V) : to make somebody/yourself feel stronger, braver, etc. (etcwr cukuk)

Eg. He fortified himself against the cold with a hot drink.

Shelter (V) : to stay in a place that protects you from the weather or from danger.('kj.k ysuk)

Eg. Spectators sheltered under umbrellas as the rain got heavier.

Immune (Adj.) : not affected by something, especially something that you might expect to be harmful.(izfrjf{kr)

Eg. You'll eventually become immune to criticism.

Reinforce (V) : to make a feeling, an idea, etc. stronger .( etcwr cukuk)

Eg. The experience reinforced my sense of loss.

Q.32. Debjyoti's short animation film __________ highlights the stark contrast between the rich and the poor in India.

(a) carelessly (b) poignantly

(c) sweetly (d) strictly

(SSC CHSL 2020, 04.08.2021 Shift-1)

Sol. (b) poignantly

Given sentence es India ds vehj o xjhc ds chp vUrj dks short film ds }kjk ekfeZd rjhds ls fn[kk;k gSA ftlds fy, poignantly ,d appropriate answer gksxkA

Poignantly (Adv.) : in a way that has a strong effect on your feelings, especially when it makes you feel sad.(eeZLi’khZ )

Eg. Their experiences of war are poignantly described.

Carelessly (Adv.) : in a way that shows no interest or effort.(ykijokgh ls)

Eg. She threw her coat carelessly onto the chair.

Sweetly (Adv.) : ?in a pleasant way.(e/kqjrk ls)

Eg. She smiled sweetly at him.

Strictly (Adv.) : with a lot of control and rules that must be obeyed.(n`)

Eg. She was brought up very strictly.

Q.33. This train is ___________ for Bihar.

(a) running (b) bound (c) intending (d) going

(SSC CHSL 2020, 04.08.2021 Shift-2)

Sol. (b) Bound

Bound for ,d phrasal verb gS ftldk vFkZ travelling towards a place gksrk gSA vr% ;gka bound gh correct answer gksxkA

Bound (Adj.) : travelling, or ready to travel, in a particular

direction or to a particular place.(lhfer,tkus okyk)

Eg. tourists who are bound for Europe .

Run (V) : to move using your legs, going faster than when you


Eg. Can you run as fast as Mike?

Intend (V) : to have a plan, result or purpose in your mind

when you do something .(bjknk djuk)

Eg. We finished later than we had intended.

Go (V) : to move or travel from one place to another .(izLFkku


Eg. I have to go to Rome on business.

Q.34. If the test booklet seal is broken or ___________ with, bring it immediately to the notice of the invigilator.

(a) opened (b) adjusted (c) closed (d) tampered

(SSC CHSL 2020, 04.08.2021 Shift-2)

Sol. (d) Tampered

Blank space ds ckn with preposition vk;k gSA ,oa options es ls

dsoy tampered ds lkFk gh with dk use gksrk gSA vr% correct

answer option (d) gSA

Tamper (V) : to make changes to something without permission, especially in order to damage it.(gLr{ksi djuk)

Eg. Someone had obviously tampered with the brakes of my car.

Open (V) : to move a door, window, lid, etc. into a position that is no longer closed; to get into this position .([kksyuk)

Eg. Mr Chen opened the car door for his wife.

Adjust (V) : to move something slightly so that it looks neater or feels more comfortable .(lkeatL; djuk)

Eg. He smoothed his hair and adjusted his tie.

Close (V) : to end or make something end.(can djuk)

Eg. The meeting will close at 10.00 p.m.

Q.35. The passengers waited __________ for the local train to arrive.

(a) meekly (b) hastily

(c) considerably (d) patiently

(SSC CHSL 2020, 04.08.2021 Shift-3)

Sol. (d) patiently

Given sentence es passenger train dk wait dj jgs gSA ftlds fy,

most appropriate answer option (d) gSA

Patiently (Adv.) : in a way that shows that you are able to wait for a long time or to accept annoying behaviour or difficulties without becoming angry .(/kS;ZiwoZd)

Eg. Everyone waited patiently for me to get it right.

Meekly (Adv.) : quietly, without protesting or expressing your own opinion .(e/kqjrk ls)

Eg. He meekly did as he was told.

Hastily (Adv.) : very quickly, because you are in a hurry, especially when this has bad results.('kh?kzrk ls)

Eg. She hastily changed the subject.

Considerably (Adv.) : much; a lot.(vR;f/kd)

Eg. The need for sleep varies considerably from person to person.

Q.36. Priya has a very _________ nature and does not accept financial help even from her own parents.

(a) biased (b) disinterested

(c) independent (d) impartial

(SSC CHSL 2020, 04.08.2021 Shift-3)

Sol. (c) independent

Given sentence es crk;k tk jgk gS fd priya dks financial help ugh pkfg, vFkkZr og [kqn ij gh fuHkZj jguk pkgrh gSA ftlds fy, option (c) independent correct answer gSA

Independent (Adj.) : confident and free to do things without needing help from other people .(vkRefuHkZj)

Eg. Going away to college has made me much more independent.

Biased (Adj.) : having a particular interest in one thing more than others .(i{kikriw.kZ)

Eg. Managers are naturally biased towards projects showing a quick return.

Disinterested (Adj.) : ?not influenced by personal feelings, or by the chance of getting some advantage for yourself.(fnypLih u j[kuk)

Eg. Her advice appeared to be disinterested.

Impartial (Adj.) : not supporting one person or group more than another .(fu"i{k)

Eg. As chairman, I must remain impartial.

Q.37. His voice was ____________ by the sound of the helicopter.

(a) drawn (b) drowned (c) driven (d) dawned

(SSC CHSL 2020, 05.08.2021 Shift-1)

Sol. (b) drowned

Drowned correct answer gksxk D;ksfd ;gka sentence dk meaning gS fd helicopter dh vkokt bruh vf/kd Fkh fd ml person dh vkokt

lqukbZ gh ugh nhA ftlds fy, most appropriate answer option (b)


Drowned (V) : to be louder than other sounds so that you cannot hear them.(lqukbZ uk nsuk)

Eg. His words were drowned out by jeers and whistling.

Drawn (V) : to make pictures, or a picture of something, with a pencil, pen or chalk (but not paint) .(vafdr djuk)

Eg. You draw beautifully.

Drive (V): to operate a vehicle so that it goes in a particular

direction .(xkMh pykuk)

Eg. I drove to work this morning.

Dawn (V) : (of a day or a period of time) to begin .(vkjEHk djuk)

Eg. The following morning dawned bright and warm.

Q.38. Today you may not ___________ what you hear, but that is the truth and you have to accept it.

(a) like (b) reply (c) answer (d) enjoy

(SSC CHSL 2020, 05.08.2021 Shift-1)

Sol. (a) like

Given sentence ,slh ckr dj jgk gS ftudks rqe ilan ugh djksxs

ysfdu ogh lp gSA ftlds fy, most suitable answer option (a)

like gSA

like (V) : to find somebody/something pleasant, attractive or of a good enough standard; to enjoy something.(ilan djuk)

Eg. Do you like their new house?

Reply (V) : to say or write something as an answer to somebody/something .(tokc nsuk)

Eg. She didn't even bother to reply.

Answer (V) : to say, write or do something as a reaction to a question or situation.(mRrj nsuk)

Eg. I repeated the question, but she didn't answer.

Enjoy (V) : to get pleasure from something.(vkuan mBkuk)

Eg. I really enjoyed watching the film again.


Q.39 A micromanager frequently demands reports and updates leaving little room for subordinates to take __________ on their own.

(a) decrees (b) decisions (c) results (d) verdicts

(SSC CHSL 2020, 05.08.2021 Shift-2)

Sol. (b) decision

Given sentence ls Li"V gS fd subordinates dks Loa; fu.kZ; ysuk gSA ftlds fy, option (b) correct answer gSA

Decision (N) : a choice or judgement that you make after thinking and talking about what is the best thing to do.(fu.kZ;)

Eg. I think I've made the right decision.

Decree (N) : an official order from a leader or a government that becomes the law.(fu;e)

Eg. a leader who rules by decree.

Result (N) : a thing that is caused or produced because of something else.(ifj.kke)

Eg. This book is the result of 25 years of research.

Verdict (N) : an official judgement made in court or at an

inquest.(twjh dk fu.kZ;)

Eg. The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.


Q.40. The first van was sent as a __________ to mislead the thugs.

(a) decoy (b) temptation

(c) determination (d) persuasion

(SSC CHSL 2020, 05.08.2021 Shift-2)

Sol. (a) decoy

Given sentence dk meaning gS fd thugs dks xqejkg djus ds fy,

,d van dks Hkstk x;kA ftlds fy, decoy correct word gSA vr%

Answer option (a) gSA

Decoy (N) : ?a thing or a person that is used to trick somebody into doing what you want them to do, going where you want them to go, etc.(yqHkkuk)

Eg. They were smuggled out of the building in a police decoy operation.

Temptation (N) : the desire to do or have something that you know is bad or wrong.(izyksHku)

Eg. I couldn't resist the temptation to open the letter.

Determination (N) : the quality that makes you continue trying to do something even when this is difficult.(n`< ladYi)

Eg. He fought the illness with courage and determination.

Persuasion (N) : the act of persuading somebody to do something or to believe something .(jkth/eukus dh izfdz;k)

Eg. After a little gentle persuasion, he agreed to come.

Q.41. Despite their ______________, impersonal rules that apply to all are essential in large systems.

(a) support (b) limitations

(c) benefits (d) advantages

(SSC CHSL 2020, 05.08.2021 Shift-3)

Sol.  (b) limitation

Blank space ds ckn impersonal rules vk;k gS tksfd positive meaning ns jgk gSSA ,oa sentence ds starting es despite vk;k gS ,oa despite contradiction show djrk gSA vr% blank space es negative word use gksxkA option (a) , (c) , (d) positive words gSA vr% option (b) correct answer gksxkA

Limitation (N) : the act or process of limiting or controlling somebody/something .(ifjlhek)

Eg. They would resist any limitation of their powers.

Support (N) : approval that you give to somebody/something because you want them to be successful .(leZFku)

Eg. There is a continued lack of support for the war.

Benefit (N) : an advantage that something gives you; a helpful and useful effect that something has.(ykHk)

Eg. Freedom of information brings great benefits.

Advantage (N) : a thing that helps you to be better or more successful than other people .(lqvolj)

Eg. She had the advantage of a good education.

Q.42. The old building was ____________ by the authorities.

(a) pulled off (b) pulled up

(c) pulled through (d) pulled down

(SSC CHSL 2020, 05.08.2021 Shift-3)

Sol.  (d) pulled down

Sentence es iqjkuh buildings dks /oLr djus dh ckr gqbZ gSA ftlds fy, option (d) appropriate gSA

Pull down (phrasal V.) : to destroy a building completely.(fxjkuk)

Eg. A small crowd attempted to pull down a statue.

Pull off (phrasal V.) : to succeed in doing something difficult.(lQy gksuk)

Eg. We pulled off the deal.

Pull up (Phrasal V.) : (of a vehicle or its driver) to stop.(jksduk)

Eg. He pulled up at the traffic lights.

Pull through (Phrasal V.) : ?to get better after a serious illness, operation, etc.(cp fudyuk)

Eg. The doctors think she will pull through.

Q.43. It is _____________ to see so many of our fellow Indians help the migrants in their struggle to go home.

(a) relishing (b) savouring

(c) reuniting (d) heartening

(SSC CHSL 2020, 06.08.2021 Shift-1)

Sol.  (d) heartening

Given sentence dk meaning gS fd migrants dks ?kj tkus es Indians }kjk help dh tk jgh gSA ftls ns[kdj ge [kq’kh feel dj jgs gSA blds fy, correct answer option (d) gSA

Heartening (Adj.) : ?making you feel hope.(iz’kalk djuk)

Eg. It is heartening to see the determination of these young people.

Relish (V) : to get great pleasure from something; to want very much to do or have something.(izlUu gksuk)

Eg. I don't relish the prospect of getting up early tomorrow.

Savour (V) : to enjoy the full taste of something, especially by eating or drinking it slowly.(Lokfn"V)

Eg. He ate his meal slowly, savouring every mouthful.

Reunite (V) : to join together again separate areas or separate groups within an organization, a political party, etc.; to come together again.(fQj ls feyuk)

Eg. As leader, his main aim is to reunite the party.

Q.44. This part of the sea ____________ with sharks.

(a) suffices (b) teems (c) crowds (d) expands

(SSC CHSL 2020, 06.08.2021 Shift-1)

Sol.  (b) teems

Given sentence es blank space ds ckn preposition with use gqvk gSA ,oa teems ds lkFk with preposition dk use gksrk gSA vr% option (b) correct answer gSA

Teems with (Phrasal V.) : to be full of people, animals, etc. moving around.(vf/kd la[;k es gksuk)

Eg. The streets were teeming with tourists.

Suffice (V) : ?to be enough for somebody/something.(i;kZIr gksuk)

Eg. Generally a brief note or a phone call will suffice.

Crowd (N) : a particular group of people.(yksxks dk lewg)

Eg. the bright young theatrical crowd.

Expand (V) : to become greater in size, number or importance.(QSyk gksuk)

Eg. Metals expand when they are heated.

Q.45. The migrant crisis led several states to ______________ existing labour laws in order to improve their condition.

(a) initiate (b) amend (c) abandon (d) introduce

(SSC CHSL 2020, 06.08.2021 Shift-2)

Sol.  (b) amend

Given sentence es dkuwu es dqN changes dh ckr gks jgh gSA ftlds fy, correct answer option (b) gSA

Amend (V) : to change a law, document, statement, etc. slightly in order to correct a mistake or to improve it.(lq/kkj djuk)

Eg. He asked to see the amended version.

Initiate (V) : to make something begin. (vkjaHk djuk)

Eg. The government has initiated a programme of economic reform.

Abandon (V) : to leave somebody, especially somebody you are responsible for, with no intention of returning.(NksM nsuk)

Eg. People often simply abandon their pets when they go abroad.

Introduce (V) : to make somebody learn about something or do something for the first time.(ifjp; djuk)

Eg. He was first introduced to drugs by his elder brother.

Q.46. Savita was crying ___________ as she felt that her world had fallen apart due to the accident.

(a) hardly (b) bitterly (c) definitely (d) mildly

(SSC CHSL 2020, 06.08.2021 Shift-2)

Sol.  (b) bitterly

Cry /wept bitterly dk collocation gksrk gSA vr% correct answer option (b) bitterly gksxkA

Bitterly (Adv.) : in a way that shows that you feel sad or angry.(dMokgV ds lkFk)

Eg. The development was bitterly opposed by the local community.

Hardly (Adv.) : almost no; almost not; almost none.(eqf’dy ls)

Eg. There's hardly any tea left.

Definitely (Adv.) : a way of emphasizing that something is true and that there is no doubt about it.(fuf’pr :i ls)

Eg. a way of emphasizing that something is true and that there is no doubt about it.

Mildly (Adv.) : slightly; not very much.(uezrkiwoZd)

Eg. Those figures are mildly encouraging, but we need faster progress.

Q.47. You don't usually discuss money with friends, because it may ___________ the relationship negatively.

(a) improve (b) affect (c) effect (d) strengthen

(SSC CHSL 2020, 06.08.2021 Shift-3)

Sol.  (b) affect

Given sentence es iSlks dh otg ls relation ij negative izHkko iMus dh ckr gks jgh gSA ftlds fy, affect verb dk use gksxkA pwafd effect dks generally noun consider djrs gSA vr% option (c) effect

grammatically incorrect gSA vr% option (b) affect correct answer gksxkA

Affect (V) : to produce a change in somebody/something. (izHkkfor djuk)

Eg. The article deals with issues affecting the lives of children.

Improve (V) : to become better than before; to make something/somebody better than before.(lq/kkj djuk)

Eg. Things are improving every day.

Effect (N) : a change that somebody/something causes in somebody/something else; a result.(ifj.kke)

Eg. The results show a statistically significant effect.

Strengthen (V) : to become more powerful or effective; to make somebody/something more powerful or effective. ('kfDr’kkyh cukuk)

Eg. Her position in the party has strengthened in recent weeks.

Q.48. I am ___________ of joining the armed forces.

(a) eager (b) keen (c) desirous (d) interested

(SSC CHSL 2020, 06.08.2021 Shift-3)

Sol. (c) desirous

Given sentence es blank space ds ckn preposition ‘of’ gSA options es ls only desirous gh vius lkFk ‘of’ preposition ysrk gSA vr% option (c) correct answer gSA

Desirous (Adj.) : having a wish for something; wanting something.(vfHkyk"kh)

Eg. ?desirous (of something/of doing something)

At the point franco was desirous of prolonging the war.

Eager (Adj.) : very interested and excited by something that is going to happen or about something that you want to do; showing this.(mRlqd)

Structure :

eager for something

Eg. She is eager for

eager to do something

Eg. Everyone in the class seemed eager to learn.

Keen (Adj.) : wanting to do something or wanting something to happen very much.(mRlqd)

Structure :

keen on doing something

Eg. I wasn't too keen on going to the party.

Interested (Adj.) : showing interest in something and finding it exciting. (:fpdj)

Structure :

interested in something/somebody

Eg. I'm very interested in history.

interested in doing something

Eg. Anyone interested in joining the club should contact us at the address below.

Q.49. Have you thought about the ___________ of the recent decision you took?

(a) consequences (b) concerns

(c) complexes (d) conclusions

(SSC CHSL 2020, 09.08.2021 Shift-1)

Sol.  (a) consequences

Given sentence ds meaning ds according option (a) most appropriate answer gSA

Consequences (N) : a result of something that has happened, especially an unpleasant result.(urhtk)

Eg. Remember that actions have consequences.

Concern (N) : a feeling of worry, especially one that is shared by many people.(lgkuqHkwfr)

Eg. Villagers expressed concern about the level of traffic.

Complex (N) : a group of things that are connected.(lewg)

Eg. an industrial complex

Conclusion (N) : something that you decide when you have

thought about all the information connected with the


Eg. We can safely draw some conclusions from our discussion.

Q.50. The headmaster _____________ on the stage and gave a short speech.

(a) prescribed (b) appeared

(c) remembered (d) delighted

(SSC CHSL 2020, 09.08.2021 Shift-1)

Sol.  (b) appeared

Given sentence dk meaning gS fd headmaster stage ij vk;s vkSj short speech nhA ftlds fy, appeared appropriate answer gSA

Appear (V) : to start to be seen. (fn[kkbz nsuk)

Eg. Three days later a rash appeared.

Prescribe (V) : to tell somebody to take a particular medicine or have a particular treatment.(uqL[kk fy[kuk)

Structure :

prescribe something

Eg. Valium is usually prescribed to treat anxiety.

Remember (V) : to bring back to your mind a fact, piece of information, etc. that you knew.(;kn djuk)

Eg. You were going to help me with this. Remember?

Delight(V) : to give somebody a lot of pleasure and joy.(vkaun


Eg. This news will delight his fans all over the world.

Q.51. The kite was stuck so high on the tree that it was _________ the reach of the boys.

(a) beside (b) below (c) beneath (d) beyond

(SSC CHSL 2020, 09.08.2021 Shift-2)

Sol.  (d) beyond

According to the meaning of the sentence , beyond correct

answer gksxkA

Beyond (prep.) : too far or too advanced for somebody/ something. (ls mij)

Eg. The handle was just beyond my reach.

Beside (prep.) : next to or at the side of somebody/something. (ds ikl es)

Eg. He sat beside her all night.

Option (c) beneath and option (b) below factually wrong gSA

Below (prep.) : at or to a lower level or position than somebody/something. (ls uhps)

Eg. He dived below the surface of the water.

Beneath (prep.) : in or to a lower position than somebody/something; under somebody/something.(ds uhps)

Eg. They found the body buried beneath a pile of leaves.

Q.52. A good teacher is the one who can explain the most complex subjects in a __________ way.

(a) distracted (b) straightforward

(c) lengthy (d) roundabout

(SSC CHSL 2020, 09.08.2021 Shift-2)

Sol.  (b) straightforward

Given sentence es crk;k x;k gS fd ,d vPNk teacher ogh gksrk gS tks dfBu subject dks Hkh ljy 'kCnks es le>k nsA ftlds fy, option (b) straightforward correct answer gSA ckdh lHkh options irrelevant gSA

Straightforward (Adj.) : easy to do or to understand; not complicated.(Li"V)