Tips and Trick Time Management for SSC CGL Tier I 2021

Tips and Trick Time Management for SSC CGL Tier I 2021

Time Management Tips and Trick for SSC CGL Tier I 2021

Time management is the key to success in SSC CGL Tier I 2021 exam. The thing that most stresses almost any student in the exam preparation stage more than in the actual exam is the time limit. This year SSC has introduced a new time limit for Tier I exam, i.e. 60 Minutes. Previously the SSC time limit was 75 minutes, but now it has been reduced. So here are some Time Management Tips for SSC CGL Tier I that will help you get through your exam & clear it quickly.

To know the SSC CGL Tier I 2021 Exam Pattern

SSC CGL exam paper has 100 questions worth 200 marks. But you have only 60 minutes to solve it. So it is clear that you could not answer all the 100 Qs in 60 minutes. So the best approach is to select those questions which are easy & less time-consuming. As a problem appears in your screen, then don’t blindly start solving it. Just take a while & see if it is worth answering. Then only proceed otherwise skip to next question explain that.

General Intelligence & Reasoning

You have 25 questions from this section, each worth two marks. This section needs your attention as it is quite a tricky one to solve.

However, it is advised that you allocate no more than 20 minutes to this section. You are required to work hard on the paper keeping the time factor in mind. Devise methods and tricks while solving the questions in your practice sessions.

Derive quicker ways to solve questions other than the usual methods to save time. You should be able to comfortably attempt at least 15-20 questions in the 20 minutes with reasonable accuracy if you are well prepared.Do not spend over a minute on any question of this section.

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General Awareness

This is the most scoring section of the SSC CGL Tier I paper. If you are well prepared in this section, it would take you no more than 10-15 minutes in attempting the entire section. The time saved in this section can be utilized in attempting the more difficult and lengthy Quantitative Aptitude and General Reasoning Section.

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Quantitative Aptitude

The Quantitative Aptitude section may be the most difficult and time consuming section among all the sections of the Tier I paper. It also comprises of 25 questions worth 2 marks each. You should invest no more than 25 minutes in this section.

English Language

English Language is one such section that can place you in a better position to further get selected in the recruitment process. This section demands your skills in Basic English Language Comprehension, Vocabulary and Grammar. If you could attain proficiency, over the two half the job is done for you.

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