SSC CHSL Pre. 2019, 17.03.2020 (Shift-3) with detailed Solutions

SSC CHSL Pre. 2019, 17.03.2020 (Shift-3) with detailed Solutions

SSC CHSL Pre. 2019, 17.03.2020 (Shift-3)


        Direction (1-2) Select the segment in the sentence, which contains the grammatical error.

1.    We were busy at the work and went for lunch only at 2.30 pm.

        (a) only at 2.30 pm   (b) at the work

        (c) and went for lunch              (d) We were busy

2.    No matter what that the mother did the baby didn’t stop crying.
(a) the mother did    (b) what that

        (c) No matter                                (d) the baby didn’t stop crying

        Direction (3-4) Select the alternative that will improve the underlined part of the sentence. In case there is no improvement select ‘No improvement’.

3.    There was no sign of recognition on his face when they met after ten years.

        (a) no sign to recognize           (b) no any sign of recognition

        (c) No improvement                  (d) no sign for recognition

4.    Carrots and sweet potatoes were airdrop for animals starving during the tragic bushfires in Australia.

        (a) are airdropped for animals starved

        (b) were airdropped for animals starving

        (c) No improvement

        (d) will be airdropping for animals starving

        Direction (5-6) Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.

5.    By accelerating digitisation and leveraging next generation technologies, the life insurance sector can double its ______ to Rupees 70 lakh crores, a study said.

        (a) funding                    (b) reports               (c) policies      (d) assets

6.    Madhuri is bringing ______ her sister’s daughter after the death of the child’s parents.

        (a) in           (b) out      (c)  up    (d) over

7.    Select the option that is the direct form of the sentence.

        Experts said that several steps were being taken to promote foreign trade as it constituted 45% of the country’s economy.

        (a) Experts are saying, “Several steps were taken to promote foreign trade as it constituted 45% of the country’s economy”.

        (b) Experts said, “Several steps should be taken to promote foreign trade as they constitute 45% of the country’s economy”.
(c) Experts said, “Several steps are being taken to promote foreign trade as it constitutes 45% of the country’s economy”.
(d) Experts said, “Several steps had been taken for promoting foreign trade as it constitute 45% of the country’s economy”.

8.    Select the option that is the passive form of the sentence.

        Jiya wrote the research paper with the help of her tutor.

        (a) The research paper was wrote by Jiya with the help of the tutor.
(b) The research paper is being written by Jiya with the help of her tutor.

        (c) The research paper can be written by the tutor with the help of Jiya.

        (d) The research paper was written by Jiya with the help of her tutor.

        Direction (9-10) Select the most appropriate meaning of the underlined idiom in the given sentence.

9.    Back in saddle

        (a) Resume duty        (b) Put a new saddle

        (c) Teach someone riding       (d) Learn how to ride

10. When they read about the proposed strike of buses they said, “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

        (a) Call them for talks               (b) Cancel our plans

        (c) Prevent them       (d) Solve the problem

        Direction (11-12) Select the word which means the same as the group of words given.

11. A place where wild animals live

        (a) Cage     (b) Kennel                (c) Hutch (d) Lair

12. A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases

        (a) Medicine                                  (b) Treatment

        (c) Therapy                                    (d) Panacea

        Direction (13-14) Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word.

(a) Supple (b) Furious               (c) Lazy    (d) Baseless

(a) Hasten                     (b) Happen               (c) Hinder        (d) Hamper

        Direction (15-16) Select the most appropriate ANTONYM of the given word.

15. PRIM

        (a) Principle                                   (b) Intellectual

        (c) Dishevelled           (d) Mature

16.                        EXHALE

        (a) Expel   (b) Inspire                (c) Inhale               (d) Respite

        Direction (17-18) Select the word with the incorrect spelling

17. (a) Denounce                                 (b) Ascertain

        (c) Systemetic             (d) Combination

18. (a) Avalaunche           (b) Capricious

        (c) Ecstacy                                      (d) Complasent

        Direction (19-20) Given below are four jumbled sentences. Select the option that gives their correct order.

19. A. Just before the sacrifice, however, he noticed that one of the king’s fingers was missing.

        B. Once when travelling across a forest, the king was captured by a powerful tribe.

        C. Since it was not acceptable to sacrifice an incomplete person to God, the king was released.

        D. The tribal priest decided to sacrifice the king to their God.

        (a) BDAC   (b) CDBA (c) ADBC     (d) DACB

20. A. Problems in absorption of vitamins is the main cause of vitamin deficiency.

        B. This is the reason why people with metabolic disorders such as obesity, often suffer from vitamin deficiency.

        C. Hence, digestion and the absorption mechanism in the body is very important.

        D. Vitamin deficiency is not just caused by lack of vitamins in the diet.

        (a) BCAD   (b) CBDA (c) DABC     (d) ACBD

        Direction (21-25) :- In the following passage some words have been deleted. Fill in the blanks with the help of the alternatives given. Select the most appropriate option for each blank.

        Valley of Flowers National Park, an Indian national park located in North Chamoli in the state of Uttarakhand, is known for its meadows of endemic alpine flowers and variety of flora.
(21)______ richly diverse area is also home (22)______ rare and endangered animals, including the Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, musk deer, brown bear, red fox, and blue sheep. Birds
(23)______ in the park include the Himalayan monal pheasant and other (24)______ altitude birds. At 3352 to 3658 meters above sea level, the gentle (25)______ of the Valley of Flowers National
Park complements the rugged mountain wilderness of Nanda Devi National Park to the east.

21. (a) That     (b) These                  (c) This    (d) Which

22. (a) Of          (b) to         (c) with (d) in

23. (a) Finding                                      (b) are found       

        (c) found                        (d) find

24. (a) High     (b) flight  (c) far     (d) soaring

25. (a) Shore                        (b) Scene   

        (c) Movement             (d) Landscape




1.   (b) ‘with’ in place of ‘at’

        ‘busy with something/somebody’ dk structure gksrk gSA

    Busy (adj.) – giving all your attention and effort to a particular activity. ¼O;Lr½


        Busy with something/somebody—

        Eg. Kate’s busy with her homework.

        Let’s get busy the cleaning up.

        Busy doing something—

        Eg. Tames is busy practicing for the school concert.

2.   (b) Remove ‘that’

        nks conjunction dk ,d lkFk use superfluous gSA

    Only ‘what’ dk use gksxk D;ksafd what dk antecedent ugha gksrk gSA

    Eg. What matters the most is hard work.

        ‘that’ dk use person/living/non-living thing lHkh ds fy, fd;k tk ldrk gSA

    Eg. I like that girl in red.

        This is the car that I bought yesterday.

3.   (c) No improvement

4.    be form (is/am/are/was/were) ds ckn active voice ¼tc subject }kjk fØ;k dh xbZ gks½ esa Ving form rFkk Passive voice ¼tc subject ij fØ;k dh xbZ gks½ esa V3rd  form vkrh gSA

        pwafd carrots rFkk sweet potatoes active door ugha gS blfy, sentence passive esa vk,xk rFkk ;gka V3rd vk,xhA

    vr% option (b) were airdropped for animal starving correct answer gSA

    Option (a) esa participial adjective ds :i esa V3rd (starved) vk;k gSA tks fd wrong use gSA

    Grammar point:

        Participle Ving/V3rd tgka fØ;k dk Hkko j[krs gSa ogha ;s vius lkFk tqM+s Noun/Pronoun dks quality Hkh djrs gSa tSlk fd dksbZ Hkh adjective djrk gSA

    vxj buls tqM+k Noun/Pronoun ml fØ;k dks djrk gS rks Ving dk use gksxk vkSj vxj og Noun/Pronoun ml fØ;k dk izHkko >syrk gS ;k fØ;k mlh ij dh tkrh gS rc V3rd dk use gksxkA

    Note: pwafd okLro esa ;s verb dk force j[krs gS blfy, bu 'kCnksa ds lkFk object/complement ;k nksuksa dk use feyrk gSA

        Eg. Like humans, animals also need dentists filling their teeth.

        Due to virus we lost all data stored on the hard disk.

        pwafd animals ^tks Hkw[ks ej jgs Fks* dh ckr gks jgh gSa uk fd fØ;k mu ij dh tk jgh gSA

    vr% ‘starving’ vk,xkA

    Option (c) rFkk (d) Hkh grammatically incorrect gSA

5.    Blank space ds ckn Rupees 70 lakh crores vk;k gSA

        vr% option (d) assets most suitable answer gSA

    Asset (N) – Something valuable belonging to a person or organization that can be used for the payment of debts. ¼lEifÙk½

    Eg. A company’s assets can consists of cash, investments, specialist knowledge, or copy right material.

        Option (a) funding red-herring gSA

    Funding (N) – Money for a particular purpose; the act of providing money for such a purpose. ¼fu/kh;u½

    Eg. Half of the research posts depend on outside funding.

        Structure :

        • Funding for something —

        Eg. There have been large cuts in government funding for scientific research.

        Collocations :

        Government / federal / state funding

        Receive / get / obtain funding

        give award / provide / allocate funding

        withdraw / cut funding

        Adequate/proper / sufficient funding

        Funding shortfall / crisis cut

        Option (b) reports ¼izfrosnu] lwpuk½ o (c) policies ¼;qfDr] uhfr½ irrelevant gSA

6.    Forward reading ls] Madhuri viuh sister dh death ds ckn mlds cPps dh ns[kHkky@ikyu iks"k.k dj jgh gSA

        vr% option (c) up

    Bring up (phrasal verb)—

        Bring somebody - up – to care for a child,

        Teaching him or her how to behave, etc. ¼ikyu iks"k.k djuk½

    Eg. She brought up five children.

        A well/badly brought up child.

        ckfd lHkh options irrelevant gSA

    Bring somebody - in – to ask somebody to do a particular job or to be involved in something ¼’kkfey djuk½

   Eg. Local residents were angry at not being brought in on the new housing proposal.

7.   (d)

        (a) Experts are saying, “Several steps were taken to promote foreign trade as it constituted 45% of the country’s economy”. (wrong use of reporting verb)

        (b) Experts said, “Several steps should be taken to promote foreign trade as they constitute 45% of the country’s economy”. (wrong use of helping verb in reported speech)
(c) Experts said, “Several steps are being taken to promote foreign trade as it constitutes 45% of the country’s economy”. (wrong use of tense)
(d) Experts said, “Several steps had been taken for promoting foreign trade as it constitute 45% of the country’s economy”.

8.    fn;k x;k sentence past simple esa gSA

        bldk Active/Passive formation—

    Active – Subject + V2nd + Object

        Passive – Object + was/were + V3rd + by + subject

        vr% option (d) correct answer gSA

9.   (a) Resume duty

        Back in saddle – doing something that you stopped doing for a period of time. ¼dqN le; i'pkr~ dke is yxuk½

        Eg. I needed to take a break for a bit but now, I’m back in the saddle.

10.        (d) Solve the problem

        Cross that bridge – to worry about a problem when it actually happens and not before         ¼eqlhcrksa vkus ij gy <wa<uk½

    Eg. Cross that bridge when one comes to it.

11.        (d) Lair

    Lair (N) – A place where wild animals lives often  underground and hidden or a place where a person hidden – ,d txg tks tkuojksa dks fNius esa dke vkrh gSA ¼xqQk½

    Eg. He saw that his dogs had roused a wild boar from its lair.

        Cage (N) – A structure of bars or wires in which birds or other animals are confined. ¼fiatjk½

        Eg. She put the rabbit back in the cage.

        Hutch (N) – A boar or cage, typically with a wire mesh front, for keeping rabbits or other small domesticates animals.

        tks fd ,d izdkj dk ydM+h dk cDlk ftls NksVs tkuoj tSls dog, ;k [kjxks’k dks j[kk tkrk gSA

    Eg. The hutch should be kept clean.

        Kennel (N) – A small house shelter for a dog ¼NksVk dqÙkk?kj½

    Eg. They keep their dog in an outdoor kennel.

12.        (d) Panacea

        Panacea (N) – A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases. ¼jkeok.k vkS"kf/k½

    Eg. Technology is not a panacea for all our problems.

        Treatment (N) – Something that is done to make somebody feel and look good. ¼fdlh ?kk;y O;fDr dk bykt djuk½

    Eg. The patient required immediate medical treatment.

        Therapy (N) – Treatment intended to relieve or heal a disorder. ¼’kkjhfjd ,oa ekufld jksxksa dh fpfdRlk½

    Eg. He is having therapy to conquer his phobia.

        Medicine (N) – A drug or other preparation for the treatment or prevention of disease ¼nok½

    Eg. In don’t feel well. Please give me some medicine.

13. (a) Supple

        Supple (adj.) – that bend or moves easily bending or able to be bent easily. ¼yphyk½

        Eg. The gloves were made of very supple leather.

        Resilient (adj.) able to quickly return to its usual shape after being bent, stretched, or pressed. ¼eqM+k gqvk] QSyk ;k yphyk½

    Eg. Babies are generally for more resilient then new parents realized.

        Baseless (adj.) not based on facts.

        ¼rdZ ;k rF;ksa ij vk/kkfjr ugha½

    Eg. This is false and baseless accusation.

        Lazy (adj.) not willing to work or any effort ¼vkylh½

    Eg. He was too lazy to cook.

        Furious (adj.) very angry ¼cgqr xqLls okyk½

    Eg. He was furious when he learned about it.

14.        (b) Happen

        Happen (V) – take place; occur

        ¼?kfVr gks tkuk@fcuk fdlh ;kstuk ds½

    Eg. Two hours had passed and still nothing had happened.

        OCCUR (V) to take place; happen ¼?kfVr gks tkuk½

        Eg. The accident occurred about 3:30 pm.

        Hinder (V) to make it more difficult for someone to do something or for to happen ¼fdlh ds dke esas ck/kk Mkyuk½

    Eg. Higher interest rates could hinder economic growth.

        Hamper (V)to prevent someone being something easily

        ¼ck/kk Mkyuk½

    Eg. Our efforts were severely hampered by a lack of money.

        Hasten (V) be quick to do something ¼tYnh djuk½

    Eg. I hastened to meet him.

15.        (c) Dishevelled

        Dishevelled (adj.) – (of people or their appearance) Very untidy ¼vLr O;Lr½

    Eg. A man with long dishevelled hair.

        PRIM (adj.) feeling or showing disapproval of anything regarded as improper – stiffly correct. ¼f’k"V fiz; O;fDr½

        Eg. A very prim and proper lady.

        Principle (N) A morel rule or a strong belief that influences your action (fl)kUr)

    Eg. Stick to your principles and tell him you won’t do it.

        Intellectual (adj.) –  connected with or using a person’s ability to think in a logical way and understand things. (cqf)tho O;fDr)

    Eg. He was an intellectual, scholarly man.

        Mature (adj.) – fully grown or fully developed physically in health ¼iw.kZr;k fodflr½

    Eg. His parents didn’t think he was mature enough to live on his own.

16.        (c) Inhale

        Inhale (V) – to breath in (air, gas etc.) ¼lkWl ysuk½

        Eg. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply.

        Exhale (V) Breathe out ¼lkal ckgj fudkyuk½

    Eg. She sat back and exhaled deeply.

        Inspire (V)to make someone feel that day want to something and can do it ¼izsfjr djuk½

    Eg. His confident leadership inspired his followers.

        Respite (N) – a short period of rest from something difficult or unpleasant. ¼FkksM+s le; dk foJke½

    Eg. A brief respite from the fighting.

        Expel (V) – (to send something out by) to force air, liquid how of something ¼cyiwoZd ckgj fudkyuk½

    Eg. To expel air from the lungs.

17.        (c) Systemetic

        Correct spelling – Systematic

        Systematic (adj.) – done according a fixed plan or method


    Eg. A systematic search of the whole city.

        Combination (N) – A number of people or things mixed or joined together, a mixture. ¼cgqla[;d oLrqvksa ;k O;fDr;ksa ;k feJ.k&esy ;ksx½

    Eg. A magnificent combination of drama dance and music.

        Ascertain (V) – to find same thing out for creation ¼dqN irk yxkuk½

    Eg. An attempt to ascertain the cause of the accident.

        Denounce (V)- to strongly criticize somebody/something that you think is wrong, illegal, etc. (fuank djuk)

    Eg. The assembly denounced the use of violence.

18.        (b) Capricious

        Capricious (Adj.) – changing behaviour suddenly and unexpectedly ¼ludh½

    Eg. I try to use a careful choice of words with people that have shown capricious behavior.


        Correct spelling – complacent

        Complacent (Adj.) satisfy person ¼larq"V O;fDr½

    Eg. You can’t afford to be complacent about security.


        Correct spelling – Avalanche

        Avalanche (N) A mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down mountainside. ¼ioZrksa ls fxjrh cQZ ;k pêkus&fgeL[kyu½

    Eg. He was swept to his death by an avalanche in 1988.


        Correct spelling – Ecstasy

        Ecstasy (N) An over whelming feeding of great happiness or joyful excitement. ¼cgqr vkuan dh Hkkouk½

    Eg. When I saw my favorite singer in concert, I was in ecstasy.

19.        (a) Events ds occurrence ds according—

        B – king was captured by a tribe

        D – Tribal priest us decide fd;k to sacrifice the king

        A – Sacrifice ls igys noticed king dh finger missing gSA

        C – being incomplete person, he (king) was released.

        vr% option (a) BDAC correct answer gSA

20.        (c) ‘D’ esa Vitamine deficiency dks introduce fd;k x;k gS ftl ij ckfd lHkh arguments based gSA

        vr% sequence ‘D’ ls start gksxhA

    Only option (c) DABC esa gSA

    ‘D’ o ‘A’ esa ‘Vitamine deficiency’ common factor gSA

    ‘D’ esa crk;k x;k gS fd Vitamine deficiency dsoy diet esa Vitamine dh deh ls ugha gksrkA

    ‘A’ esa bldks further explain fd;k gS fd Vitamine dk absorption main cause gSA

    D-A esa Neon link gSA

        vr% option (c) DABC correct answer gSA

    Note: C esa Hence, vk;k gS tks concluding part dks show djrk gSA vr% ‘C’ ls sequence end gksxhA

        Conclude: Sequence dk last part gksrk gS ftlesa generally conclusion fn;k tkrk gSA Conclusion ds fy, lkekU;r% fuEu word iz;qDr gksrs gSa&

    • Hence, thus, therefore

        • In the end, finally, at last

        • So, So that

21. Blank space ds ckn singular noun (area) vk;k gSA vr% ;gka ‘This’ dk use gksxkA

    Option (c) this correct answer gSA

    ‘This’ (demonstrative pronoun) dk use singular noun ds lkFk gksrk gSA

    tks fd close gks ;k tks already mentioned gksA

    Eg. Is this your bag?

        There was a court case resulting from this incident.

        Option (b) these grammatically incorrect gSA

    D;ksafd ;g plural nouns ds lkFk use gksrk gSA

    Eg. These sweets are made by me.

        that Hkh demonstrative pronoun gS tks singular noun ds lkFk use gksrk gS tks speaker ls nwj gksA

    Eg. Look at that man over there.

        Option (d) which Hkh irrelevant gSA

    D;ksafd uk rks ;g sentence interrogative gS vkSj uk gh ;gka nks sentence (clause) dks connect fd;k x;k gSA

22. home ls igys is vk;k gS rFkk ckn esa rare and endangered animals.

        ‘be home to somebody’ structure gksrk gSA

        Home – the town, district, country, etc. that you come from, or where you are living and that you feel you belong to. ¼vkokl½

        Eg. Jane left England and made Greece her home.


        • Be home to somebody—

        Eg. Jamaica is home to over two million people.

        vr% option (b) to correct answer gSA

    ckfd lHkh options irrelevant gSA

23. Birds ds fy, main verb ‘include’ vk;k gSA

        rFkk Blank ds ckn ‘in the park’ vk;k gSA ;kfu Birds tks park esa ikbZ tkrh gSA vr% participial adjective vk,xkA

    Grammar point :

        Participle Ving/V3rd tgka fØ;k dk Hkko j[krs gS ogha ;s vius lkFk tqM+s Noun/Pronoun dks qualify Hkh djrs gSa tSlk fd dksbZ Hkh adjective djrk gSA

    vxj buls tqM+k noun/pronoun ml fØ;k dks djrk gS rks Ving dk use gksxk vkSj vxj og noun/pronoun ml fØ;k dk izHkko >syrk gS ;k fØ;k mlh ij dh tkrh gS rc V3rd dk use gksxkA

    Note: pwafd okLro esa ;s verb dk force j[krs gSa blfy, bu 'kCnksa ds lkFk object/complement ;k nksLrksa dk use feyrk gSA

    Eg. Like humans, animals also need dentists filling their teeth.

        Due to virus we lost all data stored on the hard disk.

        vr% (c) found correct answer gSA D;ksafd bird ogka ikbZ tkrh gS uk fd birds [kkstrh gSA

    ckfd lHkh options grammatically incorrect gSA

24. Blank space ds ckn altitude (N) vk;k gSA

        High – altitude dk collocation gksrk gSA

        vr% option (a) high correct answer gSA

    Altitude (N) – a place that is high above sea level ¼Å¡pkbZ½

    Eg. Snow leopards live at high altitudes.

        Structure :

        • At altitude—

        Eg. The athletes trained at altitude in Mexico.

        ckfd lHkh options irrelevant gSA

    Flight (N) – a group of birds, or aircraft flying together. ¼i{kh o`an] foeku ;krk;kr½

    Eg. A flight of geese.

        An air craft of the Queen’s flight.

        Soaring (Present participle of soar)

        Soar (V) - if the value, amount or level of something soars, it rises very quickly (mM+ku)

        Eg. Air pollution will soon soar above safety levels.

25. Blank space ds ckn the valley of flower vk;k gSA

        Forward reading ls] Nanda Devi National Park ds rugged Mountain Wilderness dks Valley of flowers complement djrk gSA

        Landscape (N) – Everything you can see when you look across a large area of land, especially in the country. (Hkw-n`’;)

        Eg. The woods and field that are typical features of the English landscape.

        Collocations :

        Urban landscape

        The bleak/barren/rugged landscape of the area.

        desolate landscape.

        Conserve/preserve/protect landscape

        Landscape architect/gardener/architecture.

        Option (a) shore o Option (c) Movement irrelevant gSA

    Shore (N) – the land along the edge of the sea, the ocean, or a lake. ¼fdukjk½

    Eg. To swim from the boat to the shore.

        Structure :

        • On the shore—

        Eg. Rubbish of all sorts is washed up on the shore.

        • On the shores of something—

        Eg. A house on the shores of the lake.

        • Off share—

        Eg. The ship was anchored off shore.


        a rocky/sandy shore

        golden/lake shore

        Approach/reach/leave shore

        Shore bird/crab/leave.

        Movement (N) – An act of moving from one place to another or of moving something from one place to another. ¼xfrfof/k½

    Eg. She observed the gentle movement of his chest as he breathed.

        Option (b) scene red-herring gSA

    Scene (N) – a view that you see. ¼n`’;½

    Eg. A delightful rural view.